“KARTE” adopted as CRM base for Nestle Japan’s Own Media “Nestrea Muse”

Plaid “KARTE” adopted as CRM base for Nestle Japan’s own media “Nestrea Muse” Centralize user data of different interests for each brand or campaign and aim for optimal communication ………………………………………………………………………………………… CX (customer experience) platform “KARTE” provided by Preed Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo: Representative director Kenta Kurahashi) is the own media “Ness Reamuuses” of Nestle Japan Ltd. (nestle.jp/) Was introduced. In addition to Nestlé Muse, it will be used as a basis for integrated customer communication (CRM) across multiple platforms, such as the LINE official account of Nestlé mail order.
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Various user statuses in “Nestrea Muse” such as visitors (non-members), Nestle members, mail order buyers, and “Nesscafe ambassador” are also made visible with KARTE tags. Enables communication in accordance with various purposes and interests of users With the number of members growing beyond 6 million (as of February 2019), user site visit purpose and user status are diverse, and there is a way to further enhance site experience satisfaction for each user I was exploring. By adopting “KARTE” as a CRM base in Neslea Muse this time, visitors (non-members), Nestle members, mail order buyers, Nescafe ambassadors, etc. and a wide audience of “Nestrea Muse” tags “KARTE” It became possible to make it visible and understand. In the future, we will cooperate with Nestlé Mail Order’s official LINE account, etc., and aim to achieve optimal communication for each user, including contact points outside the site. About KARTE “KARTE” is a CX (customer experience) platform that analyzes the behavior of customers using websites and apps in real time and visualizes each person and realizes free communication tailored to each customer in one stop. The service started in March 2015. It is highly extensible and can be used to match marketing issues and needs not only on site but also in various scenes. By integrating and analyzing all data on an individual customer basis, KARTE enables overwhelming customer understanding and improves the experience value (CX) for end users.

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