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Crocs 2019 Global Campaign “Come As You Are ~ Like You”-The third installment! Movie of five ambassador appearances including Hirose Suzu is also released

Crocs Japan Ltd. Crocs 2019 Global Campaign “Come As You Are ~ Be Yourself ~” 3rd, Start! Movie of five ambassador appearances including Hirose Suzu is also released ………………………………………………………………………………………… Crocs, a global casual footwear brand that develops a rich lineup suited to all lifestyles, has launched a global campaign “Come As You Are ~ Yourself ~”, which will enter its third year. This year’s global ambassador is Suzu Hirose, award-winning American actress Zooey Deschanel, British actress Natalie Dormer, Chinese actress Gina, who also works as a dancer and model. Five members of Gina Jin, a member of the popular girls group gugudan and Korean actress Kim Se-Jeong, are proud to be comfortable and stylish while being “like” . For this campaign, I have created the following movie that expresses what I like.
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Crocs’ chief marketing officer Terence Riley commented: “” Come As You Are ~ Yourself ~ “campaign is in the third year, has evolved a message and ambassador. It is possible to get both fashionableness and comfort while maintaining one’s identity this year Declaring boldly, there are many forms of comfort, so this year’s global ambassadors wear our most popular models, tailored to the tastes and character of each ambassador, and talk about them You are giving me. ” Crocs’ most popular models are featured throughout the campaign with LiteRide (TM), Crocband Platform, Crocs Serena, Swiftwater (TM), and Classics Clog, which is synonymous with Crocs. You can see this “Come As You Are You Own” in online media, social media, paper media and stores etc in Japan, USA, Germany, China, Korea. We are also planning a 2019 Crocs Fan Ambassador contest this year. Details will be announced later this month.
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About Crocs Crocs (Nasdaq: CROX) is a brand that offers innovative casual footwear for men, women and children. We offer a style footwear collection that is loved by many people that combines comfort. Almost all shoes of Crocs use “Crosslight (TM)” material that Crocs has developed independently, and this “Crosslight (TM)” material achieves excellent comfort. In 2019, Crocs has implemented a global campaign called “Come As You Are ~ Selfish ~” to convey “being personal and expressing comfort and fashion.” For more information about the campaign, visit Crocs Japan’s Facebook (@crocsJP), Instagram (@crocsjp), Twitter (@crocsJP).

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