【Dream ★ Lakuza Project】
First held in Hiroshima! A popular juggling experience event in the metropolitan area “Ogoto Norikiri Dojo in Hiroshima” is held!

Dream ★ Luck project Holding for the first time in Hiroshima! A popular juggling experience event in the metropolitan area “Ogoto Norikiri Dojo in Hiroshima” is held! Date: March 21 (Thursday, congratulation) Venue: Satellite Campus Hiroshima (Naka Ward, Hiroshima City) ………………………………………………………………………………… At the Satellite Campus Hiroshima (Naka-ku, Hiroshima City) on March 21 (Thursday, holiday), the Yumekuraka Project (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Ryo Takada) of the General Association targeted elementary school children We will hold a vocational experience event “Ogoto Norikiri Dojo in Hiroshima”.
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Events in which nearly 500 children each year participate This event is a vocational experience event where various professions can be experienced through workshops and role playing. Until now, we held mainly in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Chiba metropolitan areas, and nearly 500 children all participated each time. This time will be the first to be held in Hiroshima. Experience 12 varieties of professions There are 12 types of occupations (gifts) that you can experience. Fashion, design, beauty and healing, architecture, food, mass communication, law, medical service, service such as “good old developers” and “sprinkle craftsmen” by food manufacturers, “pharmacists” by dispensing pharmacies, “architects” by construction companies , You can experience a wide range of genres in accordance with your child’s interests and preferences. Every instructor who teaches each job is a professional in the world who is active in Hiroshima. We will support the “dream ★ design” towards the future by communicating the appeal of work to children who have “dreams” and “hope” in the future, giving them awareness and opportunities. Event overview
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Three features of “Ogoto Nagickei Dojo” Full course lecture contents by professional of each job Step-up system that can feel growth Better understanding Both input and output approaches Types of gestures you can experience “Okay Developers” Fresh Seven “Sprinkle craftsman” Tanaka food “Pharmacist” Esmail “Architect” Hiroden Construction “Wedding Planner” Mimura Ritsuko (Hiroshima Bridal) “Esthetician” Salon de Beaute coconut “Stylist” Fujishima Ruiya (MIZUE stunning mode) “Patanna” Nishikawa Rui “Reporter” Oshima Masako (Brain Sight) “Graphic designer” Masako Arasa (masausa) “Nailist” Nail Salon Blanche “Lawyer” Hiroshima Bar Association Group Outline Group name Yume ★ Rakuza Project (General corporate dream lucky project) Established date April 7, 2011 (corporate status acquired on December 1, 2017) Representative representative director Ryo Takada Activities · Planning and production of vocational experience program for children · Management of information provision site relating to vocational experiences for children · Conducting surveys on children and child rearing Awards Kids Design Award (2012 · 2014 · 2016) Yomiuri Child Rearing Cheerleaders Award Encouragement Prize (2017) URL www.yumerakuza.net
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