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picture books drawn by Mr. Tokui Aozora “Every Panda’s Proposal!” Original painting exhibition Patrol 4 gamers Namba shops etc!

Animateito Holdings Co., Ltd. A picture book drawn by Tokui Aozora “Every Panda’s Proposal!” Original painting exhibition Patrol 4 gamers Namba shops etc! ………………………………………………………………………………… This time gamers held at AKIHABARA gamers head office “Panda’s Pushing! “We have decided to organize original exhibitions at four stores such as gamers Namba shops. “Every presume of the panda! “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes” Nero role Jozaki, “Love Live! “Yamazawa Yuko,” Is your order a rabbit? ” Maya role, etc., a voice actor who is also active as a manga artist · A picture book handed down by Aoko Tokui, was released on December 7, 2018. From February 1st this year, original painting exhibition was held at AKIHABARA Gamers head office, and it gained popularity if we can enjoy painting drawn by Mr. Toku soon.
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Mr. Tokui Aoi
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“Every presume of the panda! Shadow It is decided that the original picture exhibition will be held around the four cities of Gamers Hakata store, Namba store, Sendai store, Sapporo store! Of course not only the original picture exhibition, sales of the new goods limited at the hall, purchasing benefits etc. are also scheduled. In addition, a lottery fair that Mr. Tokui autographed premium is won is also scheduled to be implemented. Details will be announced from time to time by special gamers web page · shop front POP etc. Please come and visit Gamers on this occasion and feel the feeling of Mr. Toku included in Dandan of the panda. Original painting exhibition information Tokui Aozora “Panda’s Pushing! “~ Dandan Japan longitudinal original exhibition! ~ Schedule: March 16 – 31, 2019 Gamers Hakata store From 20th April to 5th May 2019 Gamers Namba Store May 11 – May 2019 Gamers Sendai store June 8 to June 23, 2019 Gamers Sapporo store Contents held: · Original picture panel display · Exclusive privileges at the venue · New venue limited items · Autographed prize drawing lottery fair Related URL: www.gamers.co.jp/shop/museum/109577/
■ Product information “Every presume of the panda! Author: Tokui Blue Sky Release date: popular now on sale Price: 1,389 yen + Tax Format: A5 transformation, all color upper binding (64 pages * including return page) ※ Exhibits, selling items and fair content vary depending on the venue. ※ The contents are subject to change / cancellation without prior notice. ※ Gamers Limited Award may be terminated by the store. ※ The image is temporary. It may differ from the actual one.

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