Mariya Takeuchi, Yasuda Sha Risa Appears! Mr. Kishin Shinoyama shoots in the latest collection

WORLD CORPORATION Mariya Takeuchi and Yasuda Sha Risa appeared! Mr. Kishin Shinoyama taken with the latest collection March 1, 2019 (Fri) “Household Pictorial Report April issue” released ………………………………………………………………………………… March 1 (Friday) release “Famous Picture Report April issue” is the leading performers of the most brilliant times 6 Mariya Takeuchi, Ken Sato, Fumi Nikaido, Mr. Asuka Asuka, Mr. Asuka Hagino, Ms. Yoshida Shuri Masters wearing the latest collection of top brands. Shinoyama Kishin cut out the special charm of people loved by the times into “pictures”.
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Shooting from ‘Household Pictorial Report April Issue’ / Kishin Shinoyama Shinoyama Kishin takes a picture Top brands’ latest collection & interviews The leading actors of the age to release the aura Mariya Takeuchi, Ken Sato, Fumi Nikaido, Asuka Benshi, Kosuke Hagino, Yoshida Shosato (honorific title omitted) A look that I want to look forward forever, that voice that I want to hear forever. Cut out the extraordinary charm of people loved by the times into “pictures”. I will deliver the top brand new work daringly and deliver the aura of six people shining brightly together with a glimpse of an eye-catching interview.
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From “Household Pictorial Report April issue”
■ The flower of the Japanese people The house that loves cherry blossoms “Cherry-blossom viewing” that it began with thanking God for harvest. It is an air current practice that keeps attracting Japanese minds, but is it that everyone adores is to love cherry blossoms at home. I visited all over the country who had built a house that can attract cherry blossoms and be able to spend together with you who hosts a grand feast full of elegance with its own style.
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From “Household Pictorial Report April issue”
■ The most cheap business trip chef & party box that can be ordered according to gathering style “Hospitality” that you can customize freely, from dinner on special day calling chef to home, to party box where stylish dishes can be enjoyed immediately just opened up is popular right now. We will deliver the latest information on this spring recommendation.

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“Household Pictorial Report April issue” Special fixed price / 1,350 yen (tax included) “Household pictorial information April issue premium light version” Price / 1,200 yen (tax included) Issue / World Culture “table of contents” House of hearts of Japanese people House that loves cherry blossoms Part I See the feast of the cherry blossoms of the east and west Part 2 Cherry blossom living in a house of Hakone You can order according to gathering style The most cheap business chef & party box Top brand’s latest collection & interview Leading auras, leading actors of the times Mariya Takeuchi, Ken Sato, Fumi Nikaido, Asuka, Cambridge Kosuke, Hagino Kosuke, Yoshida Shuri Nippon no Kokoro Song / Hidenori Kaneda Festival in Japan, form of appreciation / Koji Yoshimura Tempo calendar with prayer / Masako Shanxi Kyoto · The Suzumushiji magazine teaching method / Katsura Keisuke Sakura smiles at the Kingdom of Cherry Blossoms in Denmark and Sweden Kitchen to the age of “interior”
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The 9th Shuzo Matsuoka’s way to Tokyo 2020 – Delivery! Hot ideas – Asa Asao Mourning of Matsumoto Koshiro Nobuyuki Tsujii “Sound traveler” Active rest / Shingo Katori et al.
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Kyoto travels with Ms. Chikako Kato & Belgium Reverberating aesthetic sense “DELVO” etc.

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