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Dropbox, “Multi-Team Management Function” Added

Dropbox Japan Co., Ltd. Dropbox, “Multitask management function” added ~ New features for large enterprise users using “Dropbox Business”. It requires collaborative work, multiple team management is possible ~ ………………………………………………………………………………… Dropbox Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Mitsuri Igarashi) today announced that it will begin offering “multi-team management function” that enables multiple team management. “Dropbox Business” was born to support the smooth operation and cooperation of the team, but as the business growth of the customer, as a result of the complexity of the team’s structure, the voice that it is becoming more difficult to deal with it I began to hear a lot. Therefore, we decided to develop a tool that enables centralized management for a relatively large organization using Enterprise which is a product for large enterprise of “Dropbox Business”. As a first step, we will begin offering “multi team management” function. This is a new feature that allows administrators to easily understand and manage Dropbox Business teams with multiple administrators. With small startups, it is natural for Dropbox to manage the entire company as a single team, as everyone works beyond the organization’s roles and working together. However, as the scale of the company grows, each department can begin to function independently. When it comes to this way, it is more practical to construct a team by each department and link each team together. At the same time, security measures are also important, so that the company can grasp the movement within each team firmly. “Multi-team management function” addresses these challenges that many customers actually face. This feature also allows you to grant Dropbox Business team administrator privileges to people outside the team. For example, let’s say that sales, marketing and finance divisions have set up separate Dropbox Business accounts. In this case, the manager of each team can give administrator authority to the company’s IT team. The authorized IT team will be able to track activity on all three of these Business accounts. In addition, ‘Multitasking Administrator’ can also change the settings of individual accounts. By using “multi-team management function”, you can simplify complex tasks. Multi-team administrators who have been granted access to another team can freely switch all the accounts they manage, so it is not necessary to repeat logout and login operations. Dropbox Business can be extended and managed more easily than ever since each team manager can maintain the administrative authority and the company side can check activity of each account.
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Access permission request screen
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Admin console screen
“Multi-team management function” will be offered today for customers of the Dropbox Business Enterprise plan using the preceding access program. If you are an Enterprise plan, you can become a multi-team administrator by activating the function and then granting privileges from each team. Please try from the management console. that’s all About Dropbox Dropbox is the world’s leading collaboration platform. We will transform people’s work style with organizations of all sizes, from small business to large enterprise. Dropbox’s products have been developed to unleash worldwide creativity and to support smart workplace and are currently being loved by more than 500 million people in more than 180 countries. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA, we have 12 offices throughout the world. For Dropbox’s mission and products, please visit www.dropbox.com/en/business.

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