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Launched Japan’s first US university official short-term study abroad program to experience world’s top education

YAS Co., Ltd. Launched Japan’s first US university official short-term study abroad program to experience world’s top education We offer a total of 6 courses starting from the summer vacation of 2019 for junior high school students, high school students and college students ………………………………………………………………………………………… ISEI Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative director: Masaru Kurahashi) working on global education support such as overseas / domestic education training, study abroad, homestay, etc. For the first time in Japan, we will launch a world-class US university official short-term study abroad program for university students.
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The United States drives the level of university in the world The CWUR World University Rankings 2018-2019 announced by the Center for World University Rankings, ranked 12th in the University of Tokyo among the highest among Japanese universities, and ranked 3rd among the top 100 in the list. On the other hand, eight universities in the top 10 and 51 in the top 100 are ranked in the US, and many universities are globally regarded as a place to receive the highest level of education in the world. It is shown. Human resource development that can know global standards and can be active globally The Special Academic Programs, which will be launched this time, is the official program of the world’s top class US university, and has the power to play an active role on the world stage while collaborating with superior overseas colleagues. You can wear it. The place of study abroad is 5 universities ranked in the top 100 in the world university rankings (1st place Harvard University, 2nd place Stanford University, 8th Columbia University, 9th University of California Institute of Technology, 58th Brown University), further music field, digital・ We plan two schools (Berkley College of Music, Pratt Institute) proud of the world’s top in the media field, and offer all six courses with high STEM, engineering, entrepreneurship and other specialties. At the end of the program, participants will receive an official certificate from each school. Among junior high school students, high school students and university students, it is felt only in Japanese school life through the overwhelming experience of receiving highly specialized instruction from the world’s top teachers and doctoral students and studying with talented people from other countries. The aim is to learn young people who can play an active role in the world setting, knowing no “world standards” and then making career choices and career choices.
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【Number of courses】
6 courses
[Target age]
13-23 years old ※ It varies according to course
【Study Abroad】
2 weeks approx. 1,270,000 yen (excluding travel expenses) …
【All 6 courses】

■ Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences “Experiential Learning Program” We will study a curriculum designed based on the principles of “innovating and bringing useful technologies to the world” with our master’s and doctoral students. In the morning you will practice on the subject of the lecture and in the afternoon on the subject of the lecture. Stanford University “STEM Program” Project based learning of STEM subjects such as science, biology, pharmacy and engineering in an excellent experimental environment. We will be thoroughly trained over 100 hours for two weeks from our professor and doctoral student.
■ Columbia Business School “Venture For All Program” You can comprehensively learn the knowledge and methods necessary for starting a business. One of the features is that you can receive feedback from real investors and entrepreneurs on your business plan presentation.
■ California Institute of Technology “CSA International Program” Students will acquire research skills and public speaking skills by conducting experiments and manufacturing with their own ideas based on the given theme, presenting them and receiving feedback.
■ Brown University & Barkly College of Music “Business Design & Leadership Program” Learn about business design and leadership that apply the process of creating music. It is a program that can train logical thinking and creativity in a well-balanced manner. Pratt Institute “Art Design Research Program” You will learn the basics of graphic design creation as a communication tool in New York through practical content such as photography and processing of photos and video content, workflow creation, process management, etc.
◆ About ISA Since its founding in 1970, Eisai Co., Ltd. has set up a corporate mission of “developing the future of all children through a global learning experience” and has been a part of international education such as study abroad and homestay. More than 400,000 people have participated in JESA’s overseas training and domestic English training programs so far. Although ISA is registered with Type 1 Travel Business (Tourist Agency Registered Travel Business No. 256), it does not handle general domestic / overseas travel (tourism). We are specialized in educational travel specialized in studying abroad and international education.
【Yoshiei Co., Ltd.】
Head office: 1-64 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo Shinagawa Crystal Square 10F Representative: Masaru Kurahashi Established: September 26, 1970 Description of business: Overseas and domestic educational training / study abroad, e-learning, school management consulting U R L: www.isa.co.jp/
【Contact for application method and program content】
YAS Co., Ltd. TEL: 03-5464-7537 FAX: 03-54637540 E-mail: toiawase@isa.co.jp

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