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Started “Refcome graduate package” which fully supports from the launch of referral adoption to the operation in new graduate recruitment by 2020

Rifcom Corporation Started “Refcome graduate package” which fully supports from launch to operation of referral adoption in new graduate recruitment in 2020 Referee adopted referral started service which consolidated knowhow of referral adoption specialized for new graduate recruitment. ………………………………………………………………………………… Rifcom Corporation (headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takumi Shimizu), which manages the cloud service “Refcome” to revitalize referral, has gathered the know-how of adopting referrals specializing in recruiting new graduates We will start the service. ※ Please contact us for details of this service from here www.refcome.com/inquire/contact While the rules on recruiting new graduates are uncertain, the number of recruiters who are looking for new recruiting methods is increasing. Among them, companies that do not rely on external recruitment services, companies that introduce “referral adoption”, which is an introduction from employees, have increased rapidly. Introducing juniors from senior employees and apprentices to the company to lead to recruitment Referer adoption specializing in new graduate recruitment is expected to produce very big results. * Three reasons that referral adoption is effective for recruiting new graduates
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On the other hand, for the first time referral adoption, there is a problem in “designing systems, motivating employees, designing operations without trouble for employees”. “There was also a lot of voices saying” I did not get started, “” I tried but I did not go well. ” * Issues in adopting referral
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At Rifuku, we have supported referral adoption in various employment forms such as “new graduate, midway, part-time job”. Among them, we were able to summarize “success stories on recruitment of new graduates” and standardize our know-how, so we made this presentation. Based on success stories in “adoption of referral for new graduates” conducted by each company, we support comprehensively from measures support to structure creation. With the adoption of referral, we will adopt chaotic new graduate recruitment better “for both companies and for active students”. * Success stories in new graduate recruitment at Refcome
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Service contents · Implementation of a workshop involving employees · Implementation of interview and memory palace measures (※) · Introduction introduction of card etc. Activation item creation · Introduction of cloud service “Refcome” to revitalize referral adoption etc ※ The state of the workshop
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Introduction of measures
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※ Cloud service
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※ Please contact us for details of this service from here www.refcome.com/inquire/contact Introduction of introduction company (part)
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What is referral adoption? Referral adoption is a recruitment method that employees introduce acquaintances who can be candidates for employment. In the United States, it is said that 85% of companies are introducing some referral system. (* The mechanism of recruitment of employees referrals in the US Recruit Works Research Institute) About Rifukum Corporation It is a startup company that has offered a cloud service “Refcome” to revitalize referral adoption. Since its launch in July 2016, more than 500 companies from IT venture companies, temporary staffing agencies, major food and beverage chains, etc. have been used beyond the industry. Cloud service “Refcome” to revitalize referral adoption www.refcome.com/solution/refcome Cloud service “Refcome Engage” to visualize and improve employee engagement www.refcome.com/solution/engage Company name: Rifukam Corporation Representative: Takeshi Shimizu Representative Director Address: 1-20-18 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013 Mitsubishi Building New Building 4F Establishment: January 2014 Business: Planning, development and sales of cloud service “Refcome” to revitalize referral adoption Company URL: https: //www.refcome.com/company

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