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Scene A cover with a colorful pattern is newly added to the photo book! The photo seal of “Sakura type” perfect for spring also starts accepting orders for a limited time.

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■ Add coloring to your memories, cover with a handle Patterned variations were added to the cover of the photo book that can be ordered with "Scene Store", and now you can select from 5 types including existing white plain. It is a perfect commodity for important anniversaries that we would like to use for creating children's graduation / graduation photobooks during this period, such as a damask with easy to match any photo, and a ballerina pattern and dinosaur pattern that is pretty finished. As a gift for your graduation commemoration from your parents to your child, as a report of appreciation to your relatives, a special book is created, which is a bit different from the school's graduation album.
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■ "Grand Photobook" pursuing high quality Hardcover binding with firm making, the cover is a natural finish of matted laminate processing. Luxurious feeling drifts with smooth touch. Each page is “photofinishing” by the silver salt printing method. It is strong against fading and you can enjoy your memories forever forever. The thick page that is comfortable to open opens to 180 degrees flat, and is easy to see. Simply tap the photo you like to complete the original photo book. It is also possible to include letters such as descriptive sentences and episodes of memories, because it is automatically laid out clean, no difficult operation is necessary. Semi-transparent case of perfect size is attached. It is safe also when carrying and keeping a photo book. Product name: Scene Grand Photobook Size: 145 mm x 145 mm Cover design: Damask pattern blue, damask pattern pink, ballerina pattern, dinosaur pattern, white solid Price (tax included): 16 pages 2,400 yen, 24 pages 3,200 yen, 32 pages 4,000 yen, 40 pages 4,800 yen, 48 pages 5,600 yen Shipping fee (tax included): ¥ 648 per order · With total purchase of 1,500 yen or more, ¥ 648 → ¥ 324 · With purchase of total of 6,000 yen or more ¥ 324 → ¥ 0 (Applicable also when ordering simultaneous with other products) Delivery date: Shipped within 8 business days ※ Cover with cover can be ordered with soft cover type photo book (380 yen per book).
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■ “Syaro sticker” shaped perfect for spring Sakura form appears for a limited time on the popular photo seal by “Scene store”. The mount also turns into a special version with cherry blossoms dancing from ordinary white sheets and finishes in a special piece that makes the picture more gorgeous.
■ The photo of the smartphone to the original seal With your favorite photos chosen from smartphones, you can create your own original seal. Seal number can be selected from 35 mm x 16 x 25 x 25 x 30 mm. Combination of design is free in one sheet. You can make all the different pictures, or you can make one seal a lot of stickers. With photo stickers that can be affixed in various places, you can enjoy the moment of memories anytime, anywhere.
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■ Photo Seal Recommendation Method It is perfect for making colored paper and making graduation albums for the teacher who became indebted. If you make photo stickers with pictures of classes and friends, it will be the main material of commemorative goods just by pasting. Because it is waterproof · UV coating processing, if you paste as a mark of yourself as a painting set or meal feeding goods, small items that are likely to be mixed with other children are also safe with this. Just sticking one original photo seal on the decoration of the card and the seal of the letter makes it a warm gift that conveys feelings. Product name: Scene Photo Seal Sheet size: B5 Seal shape: Sakura shape (limited time), square, round shape Price (tax included): 600 yen / sheet Shipping fee: 324 yen / order · With total purchase of 1,500 yen or more, ¥ 324 → ¥ 162 · With purchase of total of 6,000 yen or more ¥ 324 → ¥ 0 (Applicable also when ordering simultaneous with other products) Delivery date: Shipped within 2 business days Ordering period: Sakura shape until May 7, 2019 About Scene “Scene 【Scene Official Site】
www.scn.jp/en/ From the “Scene Store” in the application, you can order prints of Grand Photo Book, Photo Book, Photo Seal, L Version Photo, making it easy for anyone to feel memorable with ease.
【Scene store site】
■ Company profile Company name: Riplex Corporation (www.ripplex.com) Head office: 1-5-6 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 La Collea Shibuya 2F Industry: Software research / development / sales of goods and services using e-commerce Representative Director: Kunihiko Oonaka

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