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  • 【Link Corporation】 Reusable shop in ZOZOUSED BAZZSTORE (BazStore) sells about 20,000 brand clothes to the market opening place for the first time

【Link Corporation】
Reusable shop in ZOZOUSED BAZZSTORE (BazStore) sells about 20,000 brand clothes to the market opening place for the first time

Link Corporation ZOZOUSED Reuse Shop BAZZSTORE (BazStore) sells about 20,000 brand clothes to the first opening marketplace ~ Expanding sales channels and delivering to more customers ~ ………………………………………………………………………………… ZOZOUSED Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; president and CEO: Takahiro Miyazawa), which operates a reuse shop BAZZSTORE (headquarters in Tokyo, Nerima Ward, Tokyo; President: It opens in the marketplace of “ZOZOUSED” (zozo.jp/zozoused/) that operates and publishes and sells products.
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■ Background store opening The marketplace of ZOZOUSED is a marketplace for reuse shops operated in Japan’s largest fashion mail order site ZOZOTOWN. Users of ZOZOTOWN are highly interested in fashion, and the average age is as young as 33.2 years, which has high commonality with the attributes of our main customer base. In addition to our own mail-order site, we are opening to 8 main shopping mall sites 8 sites, but as more stores open to the ZOZOUSED marketplace, more customers will be able to purchase and purchase. The number of auctions will increase step by step and plan to have the same number (about 30,000) as other malls.
■ Outline of store opening Opening date and time: February 26, 2019, Tuesday, 12:00 on sale Handling materials: fashion, accessories, bags, wallets, watches Number of exhibits: about 20,000 BOZZSTORE store page in ZOZOUSED URL: http: //zozo.jp/search/? P_stype = 1 & p_gtype = 2 & p_gtagid = 704328
▼ About ZOOOUSED ZOZOUSED (zozo.jp/zozoused/) is a brand old clothes fashion mall. Handling brands sell over 8,000, a wide range of items ranging from casual brands with over 600,000 points to high brands at second-hand market prices.
▼ What is BAZZSTORE (buzz store) It is a reuse shop of fashion items that develop 11 main areas in Tokyo and 8 Internet shops. The name “BAZZ STORE” says that it wishes to be a place offering “buzz” meaning “word of mouth” from beefe of bee, “az” meaning “including all” of alphabet, “connection” with reuse It is a coined word with thought. A reused item filled with the owner’s thoughts will pass from person to person and create a connection … We aim to realize such a world view.
▼ Company Profile Company name: Link Corporation Representative: Representative Director Yoshinobu Yoshi Address: 〒 176-0005 Tokyo, Asahioka 1 – chome 58 – 11 Nerima – ku Kikumoto Building 1 Established: Established in October 2011 (founded in November 2012) Business description: Purchase and sale of domestic and international brand clothing, bags, watches, shoes etc Capital: 5,000,000 yen Corporate site: https: //www.bazzstore.com/ Head office mail order site: https: //ec.bazzstore.com/
▼ Inquiries concerning this matter Company Name: Link Corporation Name of person in charge: Takeichi Masahiro, Oda Yuji TEL: 03-4405-5222 Email: info@bazzstore.com

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