Trends of women who love sports are both run and gym “enjoy with friends”. “Triaction by Triumph (R)” New Collection More confident bust line with more fun with friends

TRIPP INTERNATIONAL JAPAN CORPORATION Trends of women who love sports are both run and gym “enjoy with friends”. “Triaction by Triumph (R)” New Collection More fun with friends on the confidence bust line Release on March 6, 2019 (Wednesday) ………………………………………………………………………………… “Headquartered in Tsukiji Tsukiji 5-6-4, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Vincent Nelius” is a company that enhances the confidence of each and every employee in terms of functionality and mode design unique to underwear manufacturers From Sports Collection “Triaction by Triumph (R) (Try Action by Trim)”, Spring / Summer Collection 2019 will be released from March 6th (Wednesday).
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Sports scenes now become one of the fashionable communications for women so that tea is served in the cafe or out to night out. So in “Triaction by Triumph (R)” to expand “MOVE WITH US” on the tag line, in the spring and summer of 2019, the scene is the theme “Enjoying with friends”. From the soft wearing non-wire brassiere, the mode new items are available until the hard support type that can cope with intense movements of the gym and exercise, innovative items born focusing on posture during sports. * We are on sale online from March 6 (Wednesday), but will be on sale from the 13th of March (Wednesday) at the store. Hard support type that keeps the bust line even in intense movements
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Soft support type for comfortable silhouette with comfortable wearing comfort
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While playing sports, fashionable. Setup coordination possible series
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