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  • 【Japan Olive Co., Ltd.】 Philosopher · Plato Yukari Tree with Beefwind Olive Garden Special Event “Peace and Wisdom” Philosophy Walk held

【Japan Olive Co., Ltd.】
Philosopher · Plato Yukari Tree with Beefwind Olive Garden Special Event “Peace and Wisdom” Philosophy Walk held

Japan Olive Co., Ltd. Philosopher · Phraseology Walk held on the theme of special event “peace and wisdom” of cattle window olive garden with Pluton’s tree ~ April 4 (Thu) held for only 10 people ~ ………………………………………………………………………………… Japan Olive Co., Ltd. (Okayama Prefecture Setouchi-shi Ushida-machi, President: Kyoichiro Hattori), who deals in the production and sale of olive trees and foods and cosmetics, is a world-renowned Plato derived in the company’s premises We will hold a special event “Philosophy Walk” that will make you feel the world of philosophy casually, for the tree of 10, limited from 13 o’clock on Thursday April 4 (Thursday). Okayama Prefecture, Setouchi-shi Ushibarashi-cho, Okayama Prefecture, is a port city facing the Seto Inland Sea called “Aegean Sea of ​​Japan”, alongside Shodoshima (Kagawa Prefecture) and is known as one of Japan’s leading olive oil producing areas. Beefwort Olive Garden to be operated is located in a hilly area where you can see the spectacular view of the cattle window. Inside the garden is “Bell of Happiness” which is said to be happy when you ring the bell three times, it is accredited as a “sacred place of lover” and sticking There is a professional cafe “roasting in the top of the mountain” where you can enjoy coffee, and so many visitors have visited us. The philosophy walk “is regularly held with the aim of having you experience the wonderfulness of the cattle window olive garden more deeply in the office in front of the garden in front of the Plato-derived tree in the front garden.
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Beefwinds “Platonic tree” in the olive grove “Philosophy walk” is a work devised by Dutch philosopher Peter Hartelow. Walk by looking for a place that is right for the philosopher’s words and deepen your thought by questioning each other. The theme of this time which will be held for the third time is “peace and wisdom.” In Greek mythology, goddesses who control wisdom and seaside Poseidon fought over the rule of the city and fought as “those who have made good inventions won”, Athens invented olives, Poseidon invented horses, Athens It is written that winning town has become the name of “Athena (now Athens)”. Also, it is said that when the city of Athens was covered with battle, the buds emerged from olive trees that remained burned quickly, and became a symbol of reconstruction. 77 years ago from 1942 on 19 April 1942, the founder of the Ushiowa Olive Garden in the middle of the Second World War, Kazuichiro Hattori planted 35 olives. Later, my grandson, Kyoichiro, said, “We planted olives the day after the first main air raid in Japan, and during the final working of the cultivation on the 18th, there was a sound that the bomber had passed.” Why do not you think about peace and wisdom such as “Olive is a symbol of peace?” “Why is olive flower language peaceful and wisdom?” In the cattle window olive garden where various cherry blossoms bloom. You do not need any knowledge of philosophy or Plato. Feel free to taste the philosophy with the spring scenery of the cattle window.
Date and time: Thursday, April 4, 2019 13 – 16 Location: Beefwind Olive Garden Setouchi City Ushiwadocho Ushimado 412-1 Facilitator: Eri Matsukawa (philosopher) Contents: Philosophy walk in good weather and philosophy cafe in case of rainy weather. ※ Please come with easy walking shoes on the day. Participation fee: 1,000 yen (PET bottle green tea, with our sample set souvenir) Cafe fee of “Rostation (Mountain top sister store)” at the mountain will be charged at actual cost. Capacity: 10 (in order of arrival) Application method: Net special page limited only www.nippon-olive.co.jp/fs/ushimado/c/tetsugakuwalk
▼ About Platonic Tree A statement Mr. Hideo Shinoda, a doctor in Yamagata Prefecture, contributed to “Plato’s olive beef sashimi” contributed to “Doctor Art” Vol. 17, No. 3, No. 17 vol. 3, was born in 1954, in Shooda, On Plaza Plaza Plaza Plaza, there are olive trees of about 2,000 years old which Tetemi Plato has said to have played under the tree, bringing the fruit back to Japan, germinated by Dr. Takagi, an agricultural expert, Dr. Takagi, Even though I raised it in a bowl, I raised it for 17 years, I will not attach flowers, I will not tie it, so I decided to donate to the olive garden of cattle window. (Summary) · · ·. After that, the olive trees that brought up by pointing from the shrine received from Mr. Shinoda grew quickly, one of which was still growing in the vestibule of the head office office in the town. On the other hand, unfortunately, the original seedling olive tree could not grow up as it was.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/15480/38/resize/d15480-38-409037-1.jpg]
On June 18, Showa 47, Mr. Shinoda gave a dairy cattle window olive garden (then the name Olive Garden) and it seems she was planted on the hill of Rome in the park. At a later date in Greece Philosopher Plato Yukari Tree Missing Greece, to fuel? (Kyodo news from January 18, 2013) According to the main Greek paper Katimelini (electronic version), an olive tree in the outskirts of Athens, which Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher argued with his disciples in the shade of the tree, was found to be carried away on the 17th. In the country where the economic crisis continues, recently, the number of households that use firewood stove and fireplace as heating is increasing, and it is believed to have been fueled. (Abbreviated) Trees were considered to be over 3,000 years old. In the 1970s a bus struck and the trunk split into four, but continued to live without withering. … There was.
▼ About the event What is philosophy walk? One of the methods of philosophy practice philosopher Peter Hartelow invented to promote philosophical thinking. It is also incorporated into consulting and education. Participants of the work deepen their thinking by alternating between walking and stopping, silence and talking, dialogue with themselves and dialogue with others. Participants harp the horse with phrases of the philosopher’s words and as they walk, look for the perfect spot for that word. However, we can not know the route to walk in advance, nor can we select words to walk together. In unknown circumstances, it is required to accept and judge by chance (destiny!?). Professor Eri Matsukawa Facilitator Degree of Doctoral Program for Osaka University Graduate School of Letters Degree Course Unit acquisition withdrawal. Started activities of a philosophy cafe since student days, founded a group “Cafe Philo” to practice and support philosophical dialogue, mainly in members of Osaka University clinical philosophy laboratory. He will be representative from April 2014 until March 2016. Currently in Okayama, a special researcher at Osaka University Communication Design Center (August 2010 to March 2016), a philosophy cafe and dialogue at cafes, book stores, public halls, schools, disabled support facilities, hospitals, etc. I will serve as a seminar facilitator. Main article “Making a philosophy cafe” (Osaka University Press) Co-translation “Philosophy Classroom for Dialogue from Junior High School Students” (Tamagawa University Press Section) In addition to being involved in philosophical dialogues such as philosophy cafe at child care circle <Greengrass▼ Japan Olive Co., Ltd. On April 19, 1942, Kazuichiro Hattori (the grandfather of the current president) planted olives, cleansing the hills of the cattle window, saying, "Olives become edible, medicated and also become lights". Established Japan Olive Co., Ltd. on June 1, 1949, and released the first product "Olive Manon Virgin Oil" (now "Olive Manon Cosmetic Olive Oil"). Currently it sells over 80 items of cosmetics and foods as olive grown and basic research, as a standard item, and while selling events and mail-ordering around the cattle window olive garden on the theme "Olive in living" theme, olive We make social contributions through the basic stance of corporate activities. The philosophy of the company is the word "fond of nature, respecting science" preferred by the founder. There are trees in the premises of the company that are related to the philosopher Plato.

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