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“Regional, broken single-family home made from 1 million yen” Super High Yield Real Estate Investment Law “Reprint Campaign!

Joint company Japan Asset Solutions “Regional, broken single-family home” super high yield real estate investment law that can be done from 1 million yen Reprint campaign enforcement! ………………………………………………………………………………………… “Regional, broken single-family home” super high yield real estate investment law that can be done from 1 million yen Reprint campaign enforcement! Nippon Kogyo Publishing Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Keiji Yoshida), “Regional, Tattered, Single-family-done” super-high-yield real estate investment law that can be made from 1 million yen (Author: Hirosaki Kurosaki / May 24, 2018 Reprinted). This book presents a method by which an active real estate company’s salesperson and individual investor, author, “makes it possible to start from 1 million yen in his own funds, to make a profit on rural and unpopular boro properties”. To commemorate the reprint, if you purchased by April 7, 2019, we also hold a campaign to receive purchase benefits such as reader-only seminars. In addition, a reprint commemorative national seminar will be held from April 21st.
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Product / Campaign Details URL: 01kurabu.co.jp/book-reprint
■ If the real estate investment boom is over, you can buy “local, battered houses” A real estate investment boom that has ended due to problems such as “newly built share house pumpkin carriage” and “suruga shock”. In particular, the impact of inappropriate lending by financial institutions is large, and the tightness of the FSA has tightened, closing the door to loans for office workers. So, can we no longer invest in real estate? No, there is no such thing. The author, who is an active real estate salesperson and investor, asserts that “the local area should be targeted now!” Although rural areas seem to have no borrowers, it is a big advantage to have few competitors, and it is possible to buy cheaply using a public financial institution and achieve a yield of over 30% by filling vacancies. . The author is subject to a 100 million yen inheritance tax due to his family’s inheritance troubles, and from the experience of giving up his family’s business, he has been engaged in the real estate business as he does not have the same habits, and himself created this wealth of know-how as an investor. Yes. In addition to the knowledge and experience accumulated as employees of a comprehensive real estate agent over 17 years, I will introduce a “how to fill the vacancies that can be made quickly without spending money” cultivated as a real estate investor.
■ Start from 1 million yen OK! Full know-how ready to use This book will introduce you to a number of practical methods that you can earn with certainty, including:
● How to find “Superior areas where rent is not falling down”
● The equation for victory is “Buy cheap / Lent cheap”
● Select a property with a yield of 20% or more within 3 million yen If you take a little effort
●, even beginners can win Even beginners can manage the room fully and can operate with high yield, so it is an excellent introduction to real estate investment based on unique cases. Not only salarymen but also real estate investment beginners such as students and housewives publish know-how to earn more stable income more reliably by avoiding mistakes.
■ Structure of this manual Chapter 1 The real estate investment in central Tokyo is no longer worth it! Chapter 2 Now, you should aim for a local burial area! Chapter 3 “Does not fill in the region” is a lie! 3 steps where vacancies are always filled Chapter 4 Successful Investors Know “Good Areas That Rent Does Not Break” Chapter 5: A way to ensure that anyone can get a loan Communication technology that the management company works well Chapter 7 How do you do this? Q & A collection useful for the practice of real estate investment
■ Campaign Details Campaign period: From 18:00 April 5 2019 to 23:59 April 7 In conjunction with the reprint campaign, we will present a limited number of benefits for each purchase. The benefits will be closed without notice as soon as the number of applicants is reached.
● Purchase one book ・ Produces a gain on sale of triple the bid price! Real Estate Purchase-Sale Practice Report · Reduce the risk of buying real estate without limit Purchase Checklist ・ Get wealth and freedom in real estate Real Estate Strategy 7days Program
● Purchase two books ・ Free invitation to seminar (workshop) * Held in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya (until July 2019)
● Purchase three books ・ High-yield property tour (10 people for the first arrival)
● 5 books purchased ・ Special group consultation right (first five people)
● Purchase 10 books ・ 60 minutes one-to-one consultation right (first three people) Product / Campaign Details URL: 01kurabu.co.jp/book-reprint Reprint Memorial Seminar nationwide tour schedule Reprint Memorial Seminar National Tour Start from April 21! Please confirm the seminar schedule and details from the following site. Seminar Details URL: 01kurabu.co.jp/lp/seminar_app/
■ Author introduction Born in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, living in Tokyo. Born in a carpenter’s house, she grew up looking at the back of her grandfather, who is a master beamer, from an early age. Moved to university with the opportunity to move to Tokyo, and joined a major general real estate company as a new graduate. In the second year of joining the company, a debt of 100 million yen was found due to the family’s inheritance tax. Start doing real-time investment in real estate, triggered by doing all debt consolidation yourself. Currently, he has succeeded in creating a system for real estate income 20 million yen / year. Published in May 2018. Head the Real Estate Investor Community “Zero One Club” to increase real estate investment success. “Zero One Club” HP 01kurabu.co.jp/ Facebook www.facebook.com/kurosaki008 E-mail address manshitsu.info@offer-ex.com LINE line.me/R/ti/p/%40dnl8042n
■ Book Overview “Regional, broken single-family home” super high yield real estate investment method that can be done from 1 million yen Author: Hirosaki Kurosaki Release date: May 24, 2018 Price: 1,500 yen + tax Publication: Japan Business Publishing Company
■ Company Profile Company Name: Japan Business Publishing Co., Ltd. Representative: Representative Director Keiji Yoshida Location: 3-29, Tanimoto Muracho, Ichigaya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Prefecture 162-0845 Forecast Ichigaya 5F Established: October 1, 1950 URL: www.njg.co.jp/

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