Holding of the release event of Okubako 10th album “KASUMISOU” announced !!

Pony Canyon, Inc Holding of the release event of Okubako 10th album “KASUMISOU” announced! New album of Oku Hanako of various attractions such as Aino Nanji, Tatsuta Aina, Fujita Maiko, 96 cat, Amatsuki etc. charm …………………………………………………………………………………
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Oka-ko Official HP that release event celebrating the release of the tenth album “KASUMISOU” on March 20 (Wednesday) in about two years by singer-songwriter · Okuhiko will be held in nationwide seven places It was announced at. In addition to her native Chiba, the release event is held in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka. In addition, this time, Saitama prefecture Sōka-shi system 60th anniversary celebrating the 60th anniversary of the animated theme song “The place where the heart returns” is sometimes included in the latest album, Saitama Prefecture Saturday, March 24 (Sun) Events are held. In the latest album “KASUMISOU”, in addition to tie-up songs such as “Wish” that was “Sanrio Puroland” Illuminations Show Image Song “released as a delivery single, and SNOW CM song” Christmas Night ” Seven new songs that were written down, and a collection of self-covers of music that is offered to other artists such as “I can not see you” (NANO Aino) and “SEPIA color” (Ayana Takeya) It has become an album of 12 songs. In addition, on the bonus disc of the first limited edition, the duet with Maiko Fujita, who was born from the live co-star, is the topic “Piano ver. / Duet with Maiko Fujita”, “MOTHER” (96 cats) The songs born from various collaborations such as the self cover of the song which we offered to Amu Hikari waiting for “(Amatsuki – Amatsuki -) were also recorded, and the ability of Okuhiko as a songwriter and the high level of trust as an artist It is a content which is felt. Furthermore, since May 17 (Friday) after the release of the album, it has already been announced that nationwide singing tours will be held in Sapporo for the first time in about two years, at 28 places, and tickets are on sale now. I want you to embody the release event and the live which can touch the closer to Hanako music.
【Oka kids 10th ALBUM “KASUMISOU” release memorial event】
3/20 (Wednesday) Shinjuku Island Tower 1.16: 30 ~ (Autograph session only) 2.18: 30 ~ (mini live & autograph session) 3/21 (Thursday, congratulation) Osaka Kuzu Mall 16: 30 ~ 3/23 (Saturday) Ebina Bina Walk 1.13: 00 – 2.16: 00 ~ 3/24 (Sunday) Soka Station East Exit Carson Plaza “Soka City System 60th Anniversary Commemorative Event” 13: 30 ~ 3/31 (Sunday) Asunal Kanayama 1.13: 00 – 2.16: 00 ~ 4/6 (Saturday) Fukuoka somewhere 11: 00 ~ Coming soon 4/7 (Sunday) LaLaport TOKYO BAY 1.13: 00 – 2.16: 00 ~
【Event contents】
Mini live & autograph session For details click here ⇒ http: // ouuhanako.com /
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Okuhako “KASUMISOU” Initial Limited Edition
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Okuwako “KASUMISOU” regular edition
■■ Okuhiko / “KASUMISOU”
■■ Release date: Wednesday, March 20, 2019 Limited edition: 2CD PCCA-04766 / ¥ 4,000 + tax Regular Edition: CD ONLY PCCA-04767 / ¥ 3,000 + Tax
■ Publisher: Pony Canyon
■ Distribution destination bulk link: https: //lnk.to/okuhanakoPR
First Press Limited Edition / Regular Edition 1 jealousy in a bag 2 really is not it 3 Even if I can not see you (Agano Minami provided song) 4 Absolute 5 Wish (Sanrio Puroland ‘Miracle Clarion ★ Happiness’ Limited Image Song) 6 One step ahead (KBS Kyoto TV “Kyoto Marathon 2019” program theme song) 7 The End of Love 8 Alumni Association 9 Nice face 10 Christmas Night (smartphone camera app “SNOW CM” song) 11 sepia color (provided by Ayana Taketa) 12 Scallops
【First Press Limited Edition Bonus CD】
1 triangle (Piano ver. / Duet with Maiko Fujita) 2 MOTHER (96 cat offerings) 3 To that hill where you wait (Amatsuki – Amatsuki – offer music) 4 Places where my heart returns (60th anniversary commemorative animated theme song of Soka city system)
■ Publisher: Pony Canyon
■■ Okuwako Concert Tour 2019 – Playing Talking ~ May 17 (Fri) Hokkaido Sapporo City Educational Culture Center Small Hall May 18 (Sat) Osaka Osaka International Exchange Center Great Hall May 24 (Fri) Okayama Okayama Lunes Hall May 25 (Sat) Hiroshima Hiroshima South Civic Culture Center June 1 (Sat) Tochigi Nasunagahara Harmony Hall June 2 (Sun) Saitama Ayana Country Saitama Arts Theater Large Hall June 7 (Fri) Aichi Nagoya Art Creation Center June 14 (Fri) Tokyo Kita-Pia Sakura Hall June 15 (Sat) Chiba Gohon Cultural Hall I & I June 21 (Fri) Niigata Niigata City Music and Culture Center June 23 (Sun) Toyama Takaoka Cultural Hall June 28 (Fri) Kanagawa Kannai hall June 30 (Sun) Ibaraki Yuki Citizens’ Cultural Center Small Hall July 6 (Saturday) Nagasaki Nagasaki Brick Hall International Conference Hall July 10 (Wed) Iwate Morioka Theater Main Hall July 11 (Thu) Fukushima Fukushima Telsa FT Hall July 14 (Sun) Miyagi Sendai Bank Hall Izmiti 21 Small Hall July 20 (Saturday) Shiga Maibara Citizen Exchange Plaza Lucci Plaza Friday, July 26 Yamagata Yamagata Telsa Approach July 27 (Saturday) Akita Akita City Cultural Center Small Hall July 30 (Tue) Kagawa Sunport Hall Takamatsu Small Hall July 31 (Wed) Ehime Matsuyama Kitty Hall August 3 (Sat) Fukuoka Fukuoka Ims Hall August 4 (Sun) Kumamoto Kumamoto B.9 V1 August 12 (Monday) Shizuoka Shizuoka City Shimizu Cultural Center Hall Marinato Small Hall August 17 (Sat) Gunma Takasaki City Cultural Center September 6 (Fri) Kyoto Kyoto Prefectural Government Hall Arty September 7 (Saturday) Nara Akihino Music Festival Ticket: HP General reception 2/25 12: 00 ~ 3/10 23: 00 For details click here ⇒ http: // ouuhanako.com /
■ Okuhako Official HP: http: //okuhanako.com/
■ Okuhako Official Twitter: https: //twitter.com/okuhanako (@okuhanako)
■ Okuhako Official BLOG: https: //ameblo.jp/kokoroletter/

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