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Children will change if your point of view changes! The definitive edition of the sports instruction book that can be used for child-raising and human relationships

Domestic and foreign publishers If your point of view changes, children will change! The definitive edition of the sports instruction book that can be used for child-raising and relationships …………………………………………………………………………………………
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“Coaching to bring out the seriousness and ability of children” (Kotoshi Tachiki, Naoya Maekawa) will be released on April 6. https://amzn.to/2Ugu7bD I can not convey to children that I am teaching. You who say, “Why not?” If you understand human instincts and psychology, your eyes will change as you look at children !! Then you will improve your teaching skillfully.
◆ A human being who tries to win unconsciously Let’s play some strange Janken. You may want to put it out later, so please defeat it on purpose. How is it? Was not it difficult? The winning hand is easily floated, but I think it would not have floated when it became a loser.
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Because you are always trying to win in your daily life. If it is a match, it will try to win unconsciously compared to people. That is human instinct. Because of that, it is a thing that the habit which made the giss has arisen. Please reset that idea once. All human beings have their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, and they do not compare them, but they do not want to lose, but they feel that they want to win. It may be an instinct as a living thing rather than a human being. This is a key word in teaching and team building, so keep one in mind.
◆ Blind spots–visible to players but invisible to players
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Here is the picture “Wife and his mother”. Do you see young women? Or do you see the old woman? It looks like a picture of a young woman pointing away, but in some ways it looks like an old woman with a big nose in the nose. You can not see the young woman and the old woman at the same time. People can not see two things at the same time. It means that a blind spot is always born by a view. Even though it should be in view, the brain can not recognize it. It is called scotoma in technical terms. There is always a blind spot when trying to look at something as you are alive and teaching. No matter how experienced the leader is, “Hmm, did this child have such a good place?” On the other hand, I felt that “There was such a weak place.” It does not mean that the child was hiding. It is a blind spot of the person who sees. Have you ever been told, “Why I do not know what I am saying?” It is because what the coach and the player see is different. I can not see it. I can not see what I can not see. So I do not know. While looking at the same thing, while doing the same thing, what you can see from the instructor’s point of view may not be visible from the player’s point of view.
◆ It is not an event that affects the mind of a person but how to receive it The players have been late for training. what should I do? Suppose you yell at the player. What do you think if you were the player who was yelled? “It is natural because I was late” “I told you for myself” It would be happy if there were only such honest players. Some players may think that it is not necessary to get upset there, and some players may think that it is “noisy. It is extra care.”
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In other words, even the same event is completely different depending on the way of thinking. The events have no color. It is not an event that affects the mind of a person but how to receive it. The meaning in front of the event has no meaning, and the meaning changes when people look at each other wearing glasses of values. “Don’t be late” “Must be on time” This is what is called “thought” to “should” and “must”, and if you are caught in it, your view will narrow. It also leads to misinterpretation of the evaluation to the child, and it is impossible to reach the reason why the child is late or how to stop being late.
◆ People look to where they are missing
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There are two circles here. Where are you looking at? Where is the circle not connected, why not look at the missing place? It is called “unfinished circle” in psychology. People look to where they are missing. In other words, where the person is missing, their defects and weaknesses are very noticeable. Think of some of the players you are teaching. A If you were there, which would be the advantages or disadvantages? It won’t come out as soon as you mention 5 strengths, but it should come out as easily as 5 issues. I do not notice the merits about the weaknesses eyes. Furthermore, there is a feeling that “I want to compensate” and “I want to help” by looking at the lacking points and the disadvantages. You see the hole in the “unfinished circle” and you want to fill it. This is also a psychology of people, sometimes leading to “no problem”. The phenomenon called “too much teaching” and “over coaching” is happening like this.
◆ Let’s change the point of view to good points and good points While acting in an organization, there are people who dislike it, people who do not like it, people who don’t agree with it, and they look at their shortcomings and drawbacks. It is not necessary to blame such self as “the human being is not made.” This is an instinct that everyone has. If the instinct is to look at the shortcomings and become negative, you have to intentionally change the way you think it is positive. By changing the way of thinking, we will be able to see the advantages and good points. I hope you get the hint. How was it? The future is a book. How should we work with children after changing their perspective? Because it is safe, children can demonstrate their abilities because they are safe !! Coaching and team building work on human psychology and instinct. And safety management. This book is a must-read for all sports leaders and parents. https://amzn.to/2Ugu7bD
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“Coaching to bring out the seriousness and ability of children” Contents: Coaching / team building that brings out the team’s ability by making players’ skills based on psychology without relying on physical punishment and coercion. And heat stroke measures, knowledge about brain pain that the number of death accident is not known in fact surprisingly, emergency lifesaving etc. for the time when it is Isa. Recently, negative topics have been buzzing at sports instruction sites, such as physical punishment, power harassment, death due to heatstroke and brain ache, etc. This is a book that teaches coaching, team building, and safety management knowledge so that field leaders do not fall into such situations. Author Kotoshi Tachiki International martial arts university professor martial arts department professor martial arts department chief international martial arts university aikido department manager Master of Education Affiliation Society … Japan Society of Anatomy, Japan Physical Education Society, Institute of Physical Fitness, Japan Martial Arts Society, Japan Association of Clinical Sports Medicine, Japan Endocrine Society Book … “Guide to guidance of Aikido (second edition)-Junior high school physical education practical instruction materials” “About prevention of accident during physical education activity in school” Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology “New version of sports science that can be used now” Kodansha Scientific (share, co-author) “The Genealogy of Modern Martial Arts” Kayarin Shoin, 2003 (Shared) “Doping” Kodansha Blue Backs, 2000 (co-authored) Teaching history ・ Aikido 6th (Aikikai) ・ Director, Aikido Department, International Martial Arts University Maekawa Naoya Associate Professor International Martial Arts University Martial Arts Department Doctor (Sports Health Science) Affiliation Society … Japan Physical Education Society, Japan Sports Psychology Association, Japan Coaching Association, Japan Martial Arts Association ・ Chiba Physical Education Association ・ Japanese Remedial Education Society ・ Japanese Acoustical Society Guiding Experience Nippon Kodokan Judo Rokudan · All Japan Judo Federation Certified A License Referee · All Japan Judo Federation Certified Judo Leader A Instructor · Japan Physical Education Association Certified Judo Coach · Judo Club International Budo University Coach

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