From the Imabari “True Towel = TRUE TOWEL” that the water raised.

Masaoka Towel Co., Ltd. From the Imabari “True Towel = TRUE TOWEL” that the water raised. We pour a manufacturing technology of hotel towels that we have cultivated over many years, carefully caring about the partner and making it without pulling out a hand, it is a serious and friendly towel. ………………………………………………………………………………… Masaoka Towel (Imabari-shi, Ehime Prefecture), a traditional towel producing district and Imabari, which will soon begin its foundation 100 years ago, will offer a full-fledged “real towel = TRUE TOWEL” of hotel towels, I will release on January 1st. First of all from TRUE TOWEL’s basic series “Classic SUGOI”. It is supple and soft to the touch, absorbs moisture promptly. As much as we have devised as much as the years since the Taisho era in the land of Imabari, we always wrapped gently and made us happy for that moment. TRUE TOWEL is a new classic standard from now on, born of serious manufacturing.
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◇ to be
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TRUE TOWEL pushed the manufacturing technology of hotel towels that we have cultivated up to now. In keeping with the high level demand from famous brands and first-class hotels, we carefully made towels made carefully without neglecting each thread, which is a fine finish that does not change texture even when washing.
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It is “TRUE TOWEL” if its softness and tenderness are just as it is, while luxuriousness is overturned, the image of the hotel towel so far as “firm but slightly hard” is reached.
◇ Gradually slowly spend your time growing clean water into the best towel. TRUE TOWEL “life washing” washing. Using natural orange oil and pure soap, and cleansing underwater water of Ishizuchiyama series, carefully washing and processing was done, realizing extreme skin which does not require natural coloring and softening agent .
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A polite washing process keeps the fabrics relaxed, does not damage, keeps the yarns thin and fluffy, draws out high functions such as cotton’s original softness and superior water absorbency to the utmost. TRUE TOWEL strong against washing, adapts to the skin to the extent you use it. It is safe and secure “towel that water grows” with little load on the skin and the environment. ◇ Color variation · Imabari Towel representative color, white. The mind dances in its natural whiteness.
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· Royal navy color towels are noble and comfortable. Its orthodox color is a color that combines the cleanliness loved by both men and women and the nobility that the back stretches slightly.
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· Exquisite nuance gray towel. I did not seem cold, I did not warm too much, I did not have any other kind of gray.
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◇ Item Series name “TRUE TOWEL classic SUGOI” · Bath towel ¥ 5,000 (excluding tax) 70 x 140 cm · Minibus towel ¥ 3,000 (excluding tax) 50 x 110 cm · Face towel ¥ 1,800 (excluding tax) 40 x 85 cm · Wash towel ¥ 800 (excluding tax) 34 x 36 cm It is “Imabari towel brand certified commodity” which cleared its own quality standard such as 5 second rule.
【Imabari towel accreditation No. 2019-203】
◇ Sales location TRUE TOWEL Online Store ※ We will increase dealers from time to time at any time. ◇ Company profile Company name: Masaoka Towel Co., Ltd. Representative: Hiroshi Masaoka Head office: Ehime prefecture Imabari City Sakurai 4 – chome 6, 10 Main business contents / Towel product manufacturing / wholesale home page
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