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Otani University Education Study Study Ideal Kindergarten / Nursery School Teacher TOP 2 “Praise is good” “PR MIMO confronts”

School corporation Shingon Otani Gakuen Otani University Otani University Education Faculty Study Ideal Kindergarten and Nursery School Teacher TOP 2 “Praise is good” “It faces the mind” A survey on parents’ consciousness concerning early childhood education and elementary school education 2019 ………………………………………………………………………………… Ootani University wants to nurture a teacher who can understand the children’s mind. At Otani University’s Faculty of Education aiming to train “Mokoroku teacher”, in order to clarify what kind of consciousness the parents of infants and elementary school children have to their children’s education and teachers, “Early Child Education, Elementary School Education Survey on Parents ‘Consciousness on Parents’ “conducted by Internet research and totaled 1,000 valid samples. (Survey Cooperation Company: Net Asia Co., Ltd.)
[Investigation result]
»Chapter 1: Children’s expectations and concerns
◆ “I feel uneasy about children’s education” About 80% of parents of school children and primary school students I asked 1,000 men and women (all respondents) aged 20 to 59 who have kindergarten children, nursery school children or elementary school children about the awareness about children’s education. First of all, I heard if all the respondents (1,000 people) feel uneasy about their children’s education, “I” is 77.0%, and parents who have some anxiety occupy a majority It was. By parents’ stage of enrollment, the parents of elementary school lower grades (first to third grade students) were the highest at 80.1%.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/42/460/1/resize/d42460-1-706712-0.jpg]
I heard what kind of things I felt uneasy about the person who answered that I felt uneasy (770 people), “Friendship relationship / relationship” (43.0%) was the highest, “Learning Acquisition Status” (38.1%), “Learning motivation” (31.6%), “Home learning habits” (30.0%), “Exercise capacity” (26.2%). It seems that there are many parents who are anxious about children’s friendship and learning. By gender, the highest in men was “Learning Acquisition Status” (35.5%), in Female “Friendship Relationship / Relationship” (55.0%). I learned that Daddy is most concerned about the learning side, and that the mother is most concerned about friendship. Looking at the child’s stage of enrollment, parents of Children said “Relationship with teachers of homeroom teacher” (17.1%), parents of elementary school lower grades (first to third graders) “Attitudes in class” (23.7%), “Rebellious Period” (23.6%) and “Career / Candidate” (24.7%) were higher in the parents (4th to 6th graders) compared with the other layers, respectively.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/42460/1/resize/d42460-1-642841-1.jpg]

◆ To expect children to learn before entering elementary school The most frequent is “the spirit of the heart trying to become independent” Children’s primary school enrollment is a major milestone event, but what kind of parents are expecting children to enter school? I heard that I wanted my child to be able to become a child by kindergarten child · nursery school parent (336 people) by elementary school before entering elementary school, “I will try myself by myself “Became the highest at 71.4%, and then it became” to live a healthy life and safe behavior “(67.0%),” Becomes to obey the right and wrong and to observe the rules to protect “(64.6%) It was. I realized that there were many parents who wanted not only to rely on teachers and parents but also to have self-reliance. After that, “It will be possible to cooperate with friends around” (59.8%), “It will be possible to communicate with teachers and friends using words” (58.0%) continued. There seems to be many parents expecting children’s growth about their communication skills.
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/42460/1/resize/d42460-1-257573-2.jpg]

◆ Occupation I’d like to be a child in “Official employee”, a bachelor’s degree is a research job, a girl’s parents are popular with health care and teaching What kind of occupation do parents want their children to be in the future? Looking at the results of the responses of 483 people who responded that their children wanted to have a future in the future, “civil servants” (39.5%) won first place. Below, 2nd place “company employee” (29.6%), 3rd place “doctor” (20.1%) followed. When looking at the answers of boys’ parents, “scholars / researchers” (17.9%) became 4th. In the background of the recent increase in Japanese Nobel laureates, it seems that there are many parents who have become interested in research work. On the other hand, when looking at the answers of girls’ parents, medical professionals such as “nurses” (2nd, 26.8%) and “pharmacists” (3rd, 24.7%), “kindergartens / nursery school teachers” (6th, %) And “school teacher” (7th, 12.1%).
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/42460/1/resize/d42460-1-468023-3.jpg]

◆ Elementary school high school boys 1st place wanted to take a job “YouTube bar”, the first job in a profession want to get a girl “cake shop · bakery” So, what kind of occupation do the children want themselves? According to the answers of those who responded that their own child wanted to take a job in the future (503 people), 1st place “Cake shop · bakery” (19.7%), 2nd place “You tube bar” ( 8.2%), third place “police officers” and “professional soccer players” (same rate 7.8%). Among the options presented, “Others” is not small as 11.1%, indicating that children’s consciousness for occupation is diversifying.
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/42460/1/resize/d42460-1-484382-4.jpg]
By school enrollment stage, in boys of kindergarten and nursery school, the first place “police officer” (25.9%), second place “train / bus driver” (22.4%), kindergarten child · nursery infant girls, First place was “Cake shop / bakery” (44.9%), second place “Kindergarten · Nursery school teacher” (19.2%). There seems to be many boys who are interested in cool appearance and vehicles, girls who dream of making delicious cakes and breads, and girls who adore to familiar teachers. In addition, “YOUCHUBAR” (20.9%) ranked first in elementary school 4th graders to 6th graders and “Cake shop / bakery” (18.9%) became the 1st in girls from fourth to fourth grade of elementary school .
[Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/42460/1/resize/d42460-1-165212-5.jpg]
»Chapter 2: Parents’ awareness of children’s teachers
◆ Ideal kindergarten · nursery school teacher TOP 2 “Praise is good” “It faces the heart”
◆ Ideal elementary school teacher TOP 2 “Seriously listen to the story” “Building a relationship of trust” For teachers involved in child education, what kind of hope do parents have? When I heard the ideal image of the teacher of kindergarten and nursery school at all respondents (1,000), 52.0% was the highest at “praise”, followed by “to face the mind” (48.9%), ” Seriously listen to the story “(48.5%). There are many people who consider praiseful teachers and teachers who seriously face children ‘s “mind” and teachers who seriously listen to the story as kindergarten · nursery school teachers’ ideal image . Moreover, there was a tendency that parents seeking more gentleness from kindergarten · nursery school teachers tended to be 31.2% for “gentle” and 22.8% for “we scold hard”.
[Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/42460/1/resize/d42460-1-563072-6.jpg]
Next, I heard the ideal image of the elementary school teacher, 55.0% said that “I listen seriously” was the highest, followed by “Building a relationship of trust” (54.7%) continued. In the case of elementary school teachers, I found that there are many parents who emphasize attitudes and trust relationships to listen to the story. Looking at by gender, “Not patronizing” was 54.2% for women and 21.2 points higher for males (33.0%). Mom seems to have a high tendency to seek fair attitude towards elementary school teachers.
[Image 8: https://prtimes.jp/i/42460/1/resize/d42460-1-215193-7.jpg]

◆ The words that the parents were happy about when their children are accepted are “I have compassion” “It is a hard worker” As a feeling of parents bringing children to kindergartens · nursery schools and elementary schools while having anxiety and troubles, it is said that they may be reassured or encouraged by listening to their teacher’s words about their children think. So I asked all of the respondents (1,000 people) what they were happy about in their words from the teacher to their own children, the first place was “I am kind and compassionate” (114 people), 2nd place “I am doing my best, I am trying hard” (55 people), 3rd place “I worked hard” (29 people). When I heard that my child is acting with kindness and consideration at kindergartens · nursery schools and elementary schools, there seem to be many parents who feel that they are pleasantly pleased. In addition, parents who feel joyful also in being able to admit their child ‘s hard work to the teacher resulted in much result.
[Image 9: https://prtimes.jp/i/42460/1/resize/d42460-1-800238-8.jpg]
By men and women, in men, “I was able to do it well” (18 people) was ranked 4th, and in women “My friends are good friends · Are popular” (17 people) is third place It was. There seems to be few moms who are relieved to hear that children are happy to achieve something and that they can build a relationship with friends well.
[Image 10: https://prtimes.jp/i/42460/1/resize/d42460-1-403159-9.jpg]
»Chapter 3: Teachers and memories still in my mind
◆ 1st place teacher I liked when my parents were elementary school students “teacher who makes me laugh” 2nd place “gentle teacher” 3rd place “teacher to admit” As for parents themselves, what kind of teacher did you want when you were a child? When asking what kind of teacher he liked about himself as an elementary school student to all respondents (1,000 people), “The teacher who makes me laugh with an interesting story” became highest at 31.7%. There seem to be many people who were fascinated by teachers who entertain us with laughter. Next, “gentle teacher” (29.2%), “My teacher accepts teacher” (27.6%).
[Image 11: https://prtimes.jp/i/42460/1/resize/d42460-1-477821-10.jpg]

◆ Memories with the teacher of the kindergarten · nursery school days “Athletic meeting” “Ou Yagi meeting / presentation” “Excursion”
◆ Memories with teachers at elementary school “School trip” “Athletic meeting / sports festival” “Graduation ceremony” At the [Image 12: https://prtimes.jp/i/42460/1/resize/d42460-1-817219-11.jpg]
About the time I went to [Image 13: https://prtimes.jp/i/42460/1/resize/d42460-1-901425-12.jpg]

◆ Person's Experiences Answer One in three people said, "When I was a primary school student, there was a teacher who faced my heart" Answer that one in five people said, "When I was an elementary school student, there was a teacher who changed my life." Subsequently, I presented some types of teachers to all the respondents (1,000 people) and asked if there was such a teacher when I was an elementary school student. Looking at the proportion of people who said "There was", 40.2% at
[teacher who encouraged me when I failed]
, 30.1% at
[teacher who asked for trouble]
, 33.0% at
[teacher who faced my heart]
%have become. There seems to be few people who received spiritual support from elementary school teachers. In addition, in
[Teacher who was working on education with full power]
, the proportion of people who said "was" was 51.4%, and it turned out that those who were able to meet teaching enthusiastic teachers are majority. Other than that, in
[Teacher who changed my life (teacher who said life changed)]
, the proportion of people who were "was" was 19.0%.
[Image 14: https://prtimes.jp/i/42460/1/resize/d42460-1-411335-13.jpg]

◆ "Even now still in the mind! Episode teacher's story · words" 1st place "Story about morality and way of life" 2nd "Praised word" Many people say that the words and stories heard from the teacher will remain in the heart forever and become unforgettable for the rest of their lives. Even now I heard about the content (471 people) who has stories and words remaining in the mind, and the topic of "talk about morality and way of life" was the highest at 28.2%. There seems to be a lot of people who deeply moved the teacher 's view of life as a glimpse of the fact that the heart was moved. Next, it was "words praised" (26.1%), "When I was a child of my teacher · A story of my youth" (20.0%). I wonder if there are many people who felt unexpected or had a sense of affinity in the story of a teacher 's younger days. By men and women, men grew higher for "advice on how to study" (14.6% for males, 7.8% for females) and "quotes and episodes of greats and celebrities" (13.4% for males and 5.0% for females). I found that many men feel that the advice given by the teacher when studying at a stalemate and the quotes and great men who the teacher told such as during teaching were impressive. On the other hand, women grew higher for "words praised" (20.6% for males and 32.6% for females). Women seem to have many people saying that compliments from teachers are happy memories.
[Image 15: https://prtimes.jp/i/42460/1/resize/d42460-1-808204-14.jpg]
»Chapter 4: Ideal teacher who seriously faces the children's mind
◆ In the image sports division of a teacher who seriously faces the child's mind I ranked first, "Ichiro Mr." Finally, I asked all respondents (1,000 people) about celebrities who match the image of the ideal teacher seriously facing the children's mind. [Image 16: https://prtimes.jp/i/42460/1/resize/d42460-1-935583-15.jpg]

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