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A pink “Hawaiian” monster lands in Japan! ! “Monster Pipeline Punch” April 23 The collaboration video of the unreleased song “I think I’m falling” newly released on KOHH has been released from today!

Monster Energy Japan LLC Pink “Hawaiian” monster lands in Japan! ! “Monster Pipeline Punch” April 23 The collaboration video of the unreleased song “I think I’m falling” newly released on KOHH has been released from today! URL: ur0.link/Sj5N ………………………………………………………………………………………… In addition, a campaign to hit a “Monster Pipeline Punch” 1 case is also underway before the release when the collaboration video is retweeted! Campaign URL: monsterne.ws/pipeline-promo19-tw

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Monster Energy is launching a new product “Monster Pipeline Punch” on April 23 (Tuesday). This product is a product that features tropical flavor and pink label mixed with passion fruit, orange and guava that are popular in Hawaii. The brand name “Pipeline Punch” was named after the world famous Hawaiian surf point “Banzai Pipeline”. In addition, he produced a collaboration video using KOHH’s completely unreleased song “I think I ‘m falling”, which was written for this product. This work is fantastically drawn to KOHH that spends a leisurely time under the sun of a southern country to the tune of the mellow atmosphere of KOHH. The full version of MUSIC VIDEO will be released from April 23 (Tuesday). In addition, we will hold the “Monster Pipeline Punch Advance Present Campaign”, in which one “Monster Pipeline Punch” case can be acquired before the release. This campaign will give a prize of 100 people if you retweet the above mentioned collaboration CM posted on Twitter after following Monster Energy official Twitter (@MonsterEnergyJP). Please do not miss this opportunity. Product Summary Monster Pipeline Punch Can 355 ml
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Banzai Pipeline is a surf point that represents the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, and dangerous waves burst in the winter. In honor of this magnificent natural force, we developed a monster pipeline punch. An exquisite blend of Hawaii’s popular passion fruits, oranges and guavas, a mix of Monster’s unique energy blends. Like some big waves, this pipeline punch should also be a legend! Name: Monster Pipeline Punch Release date: April 23, 2019 (Tuesday) Product features: · Sweet and easy to drink tropical fruit flavor (Passion Fruit Orange Guava) ・ Comes with 16% fruit juice ・ Contains caffeine 40mg / 100ml Price: 190 yen (excluding tax) Capacity: Can 355 ml About KOHH’s new song “I think I’m falling” collaboration video
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A collaboration video of KOHH’s newly written song “I think I’m falling”, which was newly added to the Monster Energy Family last year, is released. The music is a mellow-like work that matches the tropical image and chillout feeling that the pipeline punch has, and the image is a KOHH traveling with a relaxed expression that travels to the side of the blue sea and the sky according to this music It is depicted how to do The full version of MUSIC VIDEO will be released from April 23 (Tuesday). URL: ur0.link/Sj5N
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KOHH Profile
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Born April 22, 1990. From Oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo. With lyric expression that spells out the history and the current situation as it is, and a free music style that doesn’t fit in the genre, it attracts great support from inside and outside the country, centering on young people. In November 2012, she released her first work “YELLOW T PE PE (Yellow Tape)” from a totally unknown state. The song “FAMILY” brings out the living in a metropolitan house and the fact that the mother is a drug addict, and is also noted for its unique background. Released his second album “MONOCHROME”, his first album in 2014. Attention was also drawn to the attempt to release the 2nd album before the 1st album. It is exceptional as a newcomer with iTunes overall album chart 6th place, HIP HOP / RAP chart 1st place and newcomer. When the 1st album “梔 (Buchiha)” which becomes the 2nd album the following year is released, it records 1st place of iTunes general album chart, HIP HOP / RAP chart 1st place. He actively participates in music for other artists, and in 2016, he will join the album of R & B singer Frank Ocean. The album is ranked 1st on album charts in the United States and in the UK. In the same year, he joined Utada Hikaru’s latest album. In 2018 last year, she joined the Japanese edition bonus track of Mariah Carey’s new album “Caution” (produced by Skrillex) with the song “Runway”. While no advance notice has been made in February this year, the guerrilla release of the fifth full album “Untitled” will be the first in about two years and seven months. The MUSIC VIDEO of the song “I Want a Billion” with Taka of ONE OK ROCK is suddenly set up in Shibuya 109 as an experience attraction of MX4D, and promotion using the latest technology is performed. In addition to music activities, he has participated in Runway / Look as a fashion model, held solo exhibitions with his own works of art, and jumped over the standards of rappers / musicians, showing a great leap as an artist. Monster Pipeline Punch Preceding Present Campaign Summary Name: Monster Pipeline Punch Advance Present Campaign Implementation period: From April 8 (Mon) to April 14 (Sun) 23:59 How to apply: 1. Monster Energy Japan Official Twitter Account Follow (@MonsterEnergyJP) 2. Retweet collaboration CM posted from @MonsterEnergyJP Campaign site: monsterne.ws/pipeline-promo19-tw Prize: Monster Pipeline Punch 1 Case (24 pieces) … 100 people by lottery How to notify the winner: After the campaign period, winners from the official Twitter account, We will send you a Twitter direct message. We will then inform you of the shipping information and send you the winning prize.
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Monster Pipeline Punch 1 Case (24 pieces)

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