Friend Funding App polca, “continuing support” platform “polca Life” Launched on April 17, 2019

Corporation CAMPFIRE Friend Funding App polca, “continuing support” platform “polca Life” Launched on April 17, 2019 “Monthly charge” and “support” for students, creators and groups ………………………………………………………………………………………… The friend funding application “polca (polka)” operated by CAMPFIRE Inc. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / CEO: Kazuma Ieiri) is a monthly fee for individuals and groups who are the planners. We will provide “Support” platform “polca Life” from April 17, 2019.
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“Continuous support” platform “polca Life”: About “Continuous Support” Platform “polca Life” polca is an application that can be combined with friends (funding) and called “friendfunding”, and it is easier to collect support money than conventional crowdfunding. Approximately 60,000 projects will be posted from August 2017 service launch to the present (as of the end of March 2019), and the cumulative number of downloaded applications will be approximately 200,000. In the usage scene in polca, a certain number of planners start up a project for several times and continuously collect support, while some supporters say “one-time plan for individual or group who is a planner. There are many requests such as “I want to support it continuously” as well. In order to respond to these requests, we have developed a “Continuous Support” platform “polca Life” that continuously sends “support” such as a “monthly charge” and a message to individuals and groups who are the planner. did.
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In this way, it supports applications such as “supporting the operation of private houses in Kyoto at 500 yen per month”, “OB supports university activities for 1,000 yen per month”, and “supports that child found socially for 50 yen per month”, Also, after April 17, 2019, it will be available to all users in polca. Based on the vision of “more money, more smoothly, money more smoothly” in polca, polca will continue to add features and enhancements to achieve a cumulative distribution value of ¥ 850 million by 2019, while making money We aim to create an individual-centered, small, and kindly supported world that circulates with communication.
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From Kazuki Yamada, Executive Officer and General Manager, polca Division “More kind and smooth” If you want to try something, A world where you can “help” people who are in trouble Defined as “friend funding” I want to create such a world. Of course, polca is a friend you know Even from those who are connected slowly by SNS, With a message of “Do your best” for everyday trivial attempts It is an application that can communicate as wrapping money. By adding “polca Life” to polca, Update existing crowdfunding and monthly billing services. We will provide a more reachable system to those who need good intentions of money and support. People who are not famous people, unnamed Ichii The hurdle is that if you have nothing ahead you can not start Through polca, we will do “more gentle and smooth”. Executive Officer Kazuki Yamada After graduating from Yokohama National University, he joined Hyper Internets Inc. (currently CAMPFIRE Inc.) in 2014. Engaged with CAMPFIRE’s curator, customer success director. Appointed General Manager of Friend Funding App “polca” from January 2018. February 2019 Takes office as Executive Officer. About CAMPFIRE Inc. In order to meet all financing needs, our mission is to democratize funding, and we are supporting various challenges such as individuals, creators, corporations, NPOs, universities, and local governments. The country’s largest crowdfunding “CAMPFIRE” has posted more than 20,000 projects from the start of the service in 2011 (as of the end of March 2019), with a total of more than 1.15 million supporters and a circulation amount of 110 We reached 100 million yen. We aim to create a CAMPFIRE economy with the aim of creating a world in which a large amount of money flows smoothly with one person or one yen. Name: CAMPFIRE Inc. Representative director and CEO: Kazuma Ieiri Location: Shibuya 2-ku, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 22-3 Shibuya Higashiguchi Building 5F Established: January 14, 2011 Capital: 2,404.38 million yen (including capital surplus) ※ As of March 22, 2019 Description of business: Crowdfunding platform “CAMPFIRE” “FAAVO” “polca” “CAMPFIRE Owners”, continual charge type community platform “CAMPFIRE fan club”, comprehensive financial service “CAMPFIRE Bank”, planning such as community wallet “Gojo” Development and operation. CAMPFIRE CORPORATION: No.1 crowdfunding “CAMPFIRE” ※: Friend Funding App “polca”: ※ “CAMPFIRE” is “the number of establishment of purchase type crowdfunding annual support project No. 1” ・ Purchase-type domestic crowdfunding of 32 major brands in fiscal 2017 ・ According to Yano Research Institute Inc. as of November 2018

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