Innovative Brewer That’s WOW! Series first “Innovative Brewer SKY PILS” launched

Sapporo Holdings Innovative Brewer That’s WOW! Series first “Innovative Brewer SKY PILS” launched ~ A very easy-to-drink beer like flavored carbonated water ~ ………………………………………………………………………………………… Sapporo Beer Co., Ltd., a group company of Sapporo Holdings Co., Ltd., is the first product of the Innovative Brewer That’s WOW! Series, which extends the fun of beer with the new beer style and taste from the Innovative Brewer brand. The Innovative Brewer SKY PILS will be released on June 11 in limited quantities.
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This series will be based on the concept of “exciting feeling like searching for new treasures” as a whole, and will release a limited number of three products within 2019. The first “Innovative Brewer SKY PILS” to be released is a very easy-to-drink beer, as if you were drinking flavored carbonated water. The soft, light golden yellow taste that is created by using soft water and controlling the amount of malt exquisitely, and the gorgeous aroma of the fine aroma hop drawn with the unique dry hopping method (Note 1) is slightly fragrant. It was easy to drink and finished into a soft beer. The Innovative Brewer brand has two flavors: That’s HOP! (Note 3) that conveys the enjoyment of picking beer with hops to hook the flavor hop (Note 2) and That’s WOW! That broadens the enjoyment of beer with new beer styles and tastes. We will develop products in series. (Note 1) Usually, a method in which hops added in the charging step are added also in the fermentation step. By this manufacturing method, it is possible to more directly extract the scent component of hops. (Note 2) A hop with a unique smell among hop varieties. (Note 3) Innovative Brewer’s flagship brand “Innovative Brewer SORACHI1984” will be released nationwide on April 9. Record 1. Product name Innovative Brewer SKY PILS (Innovative Brewer Skypils) 2. Item beer 3. Release date / region June 11, 2019, whole country 4. Package 350 ml can 5. Price 230 yen (without reference retail price consumption tax) 6. Raw material name Malt (foreign or domestic production (less than 5%)), hops, sugars 7. Alcohol content Five% 8. Product features ・ Gorgeous aroma of fine aroma hop ・ It is easy to drink thoroughly and has a soft taste ・ Pale golden color of light image 9. Design That’s WOW! In order to express “the sensation of searching for new treasures”, which is the concept of the whole series, the design is based on ships of the large voyage era as the main motif. In this product, this ship was made to fly up into the sky with a balloon, and by placing an illustration in which a golden bubble bursts in the background, we expressed the content feature of “a taste that is extremely glamorous and that is extremely easy to drink. We made the base of the brand name light blue paint style so that naming was noticeable while familiar with the whole tone manner. 10. Sales plan 25,000 cases (350 ml x 24 bottles converted) 11. Product Details Please check with the Innovative Brewer brand HP.
【Innovative Brewer That’s WOW! The second “Innovative Brewer BEERCELLIO” (biacello) is scheduled to be released around September, and the third “Innovative Brewer GOURMET BEER (gourmet beer)” is scheduled to be released around December. The product details of both products will be announced later.
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From the left The first “Innovative Brewer SKY PILS (Sky Pils)”: June 11 release The second “Innovative Brewer BEERCELLO”: To be released around September The third “Innovative Brewer GOURMET BEER (Gourmet Beer)”: To be released around December Sapporo Beer Co., Ltd. Customer Center TEL 0120-207800

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