The S-FIT and TRAVELTEC for rent take off shoes at the front door and “spread the futons” A cultural experience-type hotel “Sumien SHIJO KARA SUMA” that blends in with Kyoto’s life opens April 27

TRASTA Corporation The S-FIT and TRAVELTEC for rent take off shoes at the front door and “spread the futons” A cultural experience-type hotel “Sumien SHIJO KARA SUMA” that blends in with Kyoto’s life opens April 27 -A hotel where you can experience Japanese culture in the center of Kyoto, feeling Japanese-style ………………………………………………………………………………………… A variety of real estate services centered on TRASTA Inc. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takao Kiji), which creates new value for travel experiences with TravelTech, and a store rental agency store, “Find a room, CAFE. S-FIT (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo President & Representative Director: Yuuki Shijihara) is a hotel that has redesigned Japanese culture in the Shijo area of ​​Kyoto and redesigned “Sumi” (name: Stay) SHIJO KARASUMA in April. We will open on the 27th.
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Sumiya SHIJO KARASUMA Entrus (image figure)
■ Hotel Outline
■ Located in the center of Shijo Karasuma, in the heart of Kyoto, near the major department stores and Kyoto’s kitchen “Kaki Market”. It is an area that is close to the historic Nijo Castle and the Kyoto Imperial Palace and is full of domestic and foreign tourists throughout the seasons. There are 20 rooms in total. Room type: Twin 22.58 square meters-, Superior twin 31.78 square meters-, Deluxe twin 43 square meters- Room rate: 24,000 yen to 44,000 yen (including service charge and tax) Location: 467 Mikage-cho, Shimkyo-ku, Shin-shi, Kyoto Access: 8 minutes walk from Shijo Subway Station, 1 minute from Kyoto Station to Gojo Station, 9 minutes walk from Gojo Subway Station. Official website:
■ Sumitomo About SHIJO KARASUMA design
■ In line with the concept of “a place where you can feel and live in Japan,” you will be able to experience Japanese culture through accommodation. You can enjoy not only Japanese style rooms with motifs such as Tatami, Shoji, Hiromi or Tsunashiro, but also cultural experiences such as “Take off shoes at the front door” and “Place a futon”. In terms of location characteristics, unlike luxury accommodation such as 5-star hotels, foreign tourists who focus on new experiences on the road are expected to be the main target. Therefore, it is the room composition that can correspond to accommodation in a group.
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■ About the “STAY” brand
■-Creating new experiences by creating new values ​​and discoveries- A hotel based on the concept of “redesigning culture”. Redesigning the culture that STAY advocates indicates that it redefines values ​​and culture while creating a new culture and experience while staying close to the people living in the area, the townscape and the history up to the present. There are a total of four STAY brand hotels: one at STAY in the City, one at STAY Vintage, and two at Sumien, which opened in April. All facilities are within a 10-minute walk from the nearest station, conveniently located for both business and sightseeing, with easy access to international airports and tourist attractions. We are planning to open 18 STAY brand hotels by 2020.
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■ Background of entry into hotel development Comments from S-FIT Company
■ Recently, hotel projects are attracting attention as profitable real estate due to soaring land prices, and we have launched hotel management that utilizes our know-how in property management. As the boundaries between real estate leasing and accommodation facilities are being fragmented like private residences and monthly apartments, accommodation facilities are also sold as one of the earning properties or developed by our company in two axes. From now on, S-FIT will continue to provide real-estate services through the development, customer service, and management by utilizing the technology cultivated through rental brokerage.
■ Background of collaboration with TRASTA Company Comments from S-FIT Company
■ We are developing our business based on “Strictly looking at borrowers (users)” including “Find a room CAFE!” Also in Kyoto Hotel Development, which started in 2017, we have been developing real estate to meet the expectations of tourists visiting Kyoto. At the newly opened Sumitomo SHIJO KARA SUMA, we have been promoting development aiming at a hotel that can provide “daily life of Kyoto” and “Japanese hospitality culture” to Westerners and foreigners who are main targets. In the hotel operation, I believe that it will be possible to provide services that exceed the expectations of users by adding services based on the hospitality culture while intermingling IoT and ICT provided by TRASTA.
■ FIT Company Profile
■ Company name: S-FIT Co., Ltd. ( Disclaimer: Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (3) No. 7352 First-class architect office Tokyo Governor registration No. 55878 Location: Izumi Garden Tower 14F 1-6-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6014 Established: June 19, 2003 Representative: President and Representative Director Tomonori Shijihara Number of employees: 350
■ TRASTA Company Profile Company name: TRASTA Inc. ( Established: June 6, 2005 Capital: ¥ 432,922,896 Representative Director CEO: Takao Kiji Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 3-chome 14-5 14th Sky Building 7F Business contents: Hotel planning and development business / hotel management business / OTA business / hotel management management system development business

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