All course purchasers will receive a “countdown calendar” that turns and counts until the exam date! “Employee (R) Qualifying Level 1 Course” Launched Commemorative Campaign
【Up to 4/30】
Gakken Eiken (R) Seminar

Gakken Holdings Inc. All course purchasers will receive a “countdown calendar” that turns and counts until the exam date! “Employee (R) Qualifying Level 1 Course” Launched Commemorative Campaign
【Up to 4/30】
Gakken Eiken (R) Seminar Among the exams that measure the 4 skills in English, the English exam (R) is especially popular. Above all, a Quasi-first-class countermeasure course that wanted hard-to-find large applicants to pass appeared this spring at the “Gakken Eiken (R) Seminar”! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Shinagawa / President & CEO: Hiroaki Miyahara) ‘s group company, Gakken Plus (Tokyo, Shinagawa / President & CEO: Hideyuki Tsuji) is a video study + text learning R) To commemorate the release of the seminar <Quaternary course preparation course
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Click here for details In recent years, there has been an increase in English external exam use entrance examinations that use the results of a private English examination in order to measure 4 English skills in university exams. Above all, the English prosecutor exam is now tested by more than 2.5 million people a year for high school students alone! Among the many exams that are popular with Dantoz is the English exam. In response to the request from all of you this spring, “Gakuen English School (R) Seminar” has opened “Quaternary Class Preparation Course”. Easy-to-understand video classes by Takeoka-sensei who has studied GAKEN’s bestseller English textbooks for years and years, from “English composition” which is said to be difficult for self-study in the curriculum of all 15 courses It can be covered. A native interview simulation is prepared for the secondary exam, and one writing correction instruction is provided. Come on, let’s get started now for the June exam. At Gakuen English School (R) Seminar, a “Countdown Calendar Present” campaign is underway to help all purchasers of course purchase by April 30th.
[Gakuen English Test (R) Seminar “Quaternary Class Preparation Course Launch Release Commemorative Campaign” Outline]

■ Application acceptance period Monday, April 1, 2019-Tuesday, April 30
■ Prizes Countdown Calendar (Gakken Stayful)
■ Person for campaign application target All those who purchased one of the following courses during the campaign period
● Gakuen English Examination Seminar Level 1 Preparation Course
● Gakuen English Examination Seminar Level 2 Preparation Course ※ 2 prizes to be presented will be one even if you purchase 2 courses at the same time.
■ Others, please note ※ Product shipping time will be twice. If the order is finalized by April 15, 2019, we plan for the end of April. If the order is finalized by April 30, 2019, we plan for the middle of May. ※ Please note that shipping may be delayed slightly due to unavoidable circumstances.
[What is the Gakuen English Examination (R) Seminar? ]
At university entrance exams, with the movement of English 4 skills, more and more universities are using English external examination. The English exam that can be taken three times a year is a familiar exam for high school students. This course is structured so that you can acquire skills in a short time until the secondary exam preparation with 15 video classes. Let’s study in this course, challenge the English exam and get one step closer to the target university pass. Opening course: Quasi-first course, second-class course
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※ Photograph is of second grade. The teaching materials and the contents of the lecture are different from the first-class, but the set contents are the same. For more information
◆ Instructor profile
■ Mr. Hironobu Takeoka A charismatic English teacher who is known as a model of the manga “Dragon Sakura” and is the only lecturer given as a lecturer in NHK “Professional Work Styles”. It is also famous for being proud of the 40-year-old British prosecutor’s fan and familiarity with the British prosecutor. Currently, he is a major preparatory school instructor and sponsors Takeoka Sakai. He has written numerous books such as Takeoka’s English Grammar and ULTIMATE Ultimate 600 Titles (Gakuken Plus).
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■ Stephen Richmond I’m from Melbourne, Australia. Currently a full-time associate professor at a private university. I love Japan. We call Kyoto “the second hometown” and edit an English free paper introducing Kyoto. At the university, we teach the ability to communicate in English based on culture, such as Kyoto and classes that deal with the five senses. His book, “Simply English Conversation to Treat the World for the First Time Today,” (Gakken Plus) has gained support from a wide range of people.
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