Jibun House Launches Immersive Technology Marketing Service

Jibun House Co., Ltd. Jbun House Launches Immersive Technology Marketing Service Media site “jbn studios” released domestically and abroad …………………………………………………………………………………………

The Jimn House, which proposes the creation of a new home where you can buy a home with a single smartphone using the latest technologies such as VR and AI, is a way to buy and search for new homes that make full use of Immersive Technology (VR / AR etc.) Based on the experience of receiving orders for approximately 300 homes, we will start a new generation of marketing services in Japan and abroad, not just for homes, but for shopping with Immersive Technology (VR / AR etc.). We will release the global media site “jbn studios” on 4/9 (Tuesday) and advocate for “Immersive Design” from TOKYO, aiming to create a new business. “Jbn studios”

■ Pioneer of “VR marketing” which made it possible to receive housing orders of approximately 300 units

ZIVEN HOUSE realizes the number of orders of approximately 300 units in standard housing sales in three years from Immersive Technology (VR / AR etc.) in the standard house sales by VR introspection technology superior in space recognition and texture expression. In “Garden VR CG Movie” released jointly with Koko Planning Co., Ltd. last year, using VR CG to direct the user’s concept of the client directly, how to find a new grave that does not get caught in the existing concept Suggested how to buy. We will realize such shopping innovation not only in homes but in various fields.

■ Globally disseminating information that changes the user experience

JIVN HOUSE is a joint venture virtual housing exhibition center service “MY HOME MARKET” with Nihon Unisys, “AiR” which enables land search and preview with AI and AR, and “JIBUN STORE” which also enables interior purchase with VR And so on, we have developed a number of businesses to innovate how to buy homes and goods. Through the global media site “jbn studios” released this time, we will provide four values ​​of “Immersive Design”, “Product Marketing”, “Customer Experience” and “Technology”.
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[Four value to offer]
“Immersive Design” A strategy based on an immersive design that leads customers to the world of imagination. “Product Marketing” Deep insight into consumer needs and reach for potential customers. “Customer Experience” We seek customer satisfaction by providing attractive “customer experience” with both digital and physical. “Technology” We will work on the next generation problem solving with innovative technology strategy, design and engineering.

■ With the Javen House Javen House Co., Ltd. is a home tech lab company that offers rich lifestyles with the latest technologies such as AI and VR.

We have continued to grow since our foundation in February 2016, focusing on the development and sales of standard housing. “Jeven House” is a new-age home purchase service where you can buy a home with a single smartphone. You can add your favorite ‘My Home’ to your EC Cart by selecting your favorite house style on the Jbun House site and pressing ‘Add to Cart’. By adding a “home” to the cart, you can complete home customization, estimation, introspection at the VR, consultation at the purchase consultation desk, all on your smartphone, and you can proceed with building the house between work and housework. There are many double-income households, and nowadays, the process of creating a traditional house is becoming difficult in time, such as a young couple traveling on a home exhibition hall using a holiday. The goal is to propose “how to find and buy a new house” that matches the lifestyle of a busy modern person, and to make the dream of your home closer to you. Jbun House:

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