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Perfect One AllOne Gel Series Receives No. 1 (* 1) in Sales for Three Consecutive Years

New Nippon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Perfect One All-In-One Gel Series Wins No. 1 (* 1) in Sales for Three Consecutive Years Cumulative sales volume topped 50 million units (※ 2) ………………………………………………………………………………………… Perfect One All-In-One Gel Series, a Perfect One Main Product that proposes Simple Skin Care, from Shin Nippon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Head office: Fukuoka City, President: Goto Takahiro) has been in the all-in-one skin care market for three consecutive years in 2016-2018. We acquired the domestic sales No. 1 (* 1).
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Perfect one that was born as a simple skin care brand that supports the way of life of women diversifying. Among them, Perfect One All-In-One Gel Series, our main product, has been supported by many customers since its launch in 2006. In March 2019, the cumulative sales volume topped 50 million units (* 2), and we have a lineup of five types (* 3) of gels to meet customers’ skin problems.
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Perfect One is not only in Japan but also in Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Thailand, and has been well received by overseas customers. We will continue to aim for the highest satisfaction of our customers and create a healthy and full-hearted life for people around the world. ※ 1: Fuji economy “cosmetics marketing handbook 2017/2018/2019″ (Moisture Division and All-in-One Division / Manufacturer, Brand Share 2016/2017/2018 Results) ※ 2: Perfect One All-In-One Gel Series Total Sales Results May 2006-March 2019 (Including Raffine Perfect One Series) ※ 3: Partial store handling only About Perfect One Brand
■ Concept For adult women whose way of life is diversifying, we have continued researching to deliver aging care (* 4) that can be felt and felt daily. Then I arrived at the idea of ​​”thinking only the necessary things simply”. Commitment to collagen and texture, care and choice of items, skin care brand that is simply sharpened is perfect one. ※ 4: skin care according to age
■ Perfect One All-In-One Gel Series Perfect One’s All-In-One Gel with Lotion, Milk, Cream, Essence, Pack, and Makeup Base. Moisturizing ingredients such as original complex type collagen EX (※ 5) combining seven kinds of collagen with different sizes penetrate to the corners of the stratum corneum including the surface of the skin. Give moisture and firmness firmly to dry age skin (※ 6). You can choose your favorite gel according to your skin trouble and feeling from 5 types of ※ 3 gel. ※ 5: Skin moisturizing ingredient ※ 6: Age-matched skin
■ Perfect one shop In addition to mail order, Perfect One sells at 12 directly managed stores and more than 550 dealers nationwide. ・ Perfect One Sapporo Mitsukoshi store Perfect One Sendai Parco shop Perfect One Keio Department Store Shinjuku ・ Perfect One Kitasenju Marui store ・ Perfect One Sogo Yokohama store ・ Perfect One Hanshin Umeda Main Store Perfect One Namba Marui Store Perfect One Sogo Hiroshima Store ・ Perfect One Izutsuya Kokura Store Perfect One Fukuoka Parco Perfect One Hakata Hankyu Store ・ Perfect One Maruya Gardens Store
■ Official Online Shop www.shinnihonseiyaku.co.jp/

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