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A concept shop for sunglasses for a limited time opens today at Isetan Shinjuku!

Mitsukoshi Isetan Holdings, Inc. A limited-time sunglasses concept shop opens today at Isetan Shinjuku! “Everyday is a SUN-day!”-Which sunglasses to go out today? …………………………………………………………………………………………
■ “Everyday is a SUN-day!” Limited time sunglasses concept shop
■ Period: 4/10 (Wed) to 4/16 (Tue) Place: Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 1F = the stage
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A new concept shop for sunglasses has opened on the Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 1F = The Stage. This shop is new to clothes, shoes, bags, etc. every season, but with sunglasses only a few years old, I can not find a model that suits the trend or one that suits me, always the same type For those who have trouble choosing sunglasses and no variation, it is a concept shop that offers a service that lets you enjoy choosing sunglasses in various ways.
■ “Everyday is a SUN-day!” Limited time sunglasses concept shop
■ Period: 4/10 (Wed) to 4/16 (Tue) Place: Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 1F = the stage Concierge service reservation site: www.isetan.mistore.jp/shinjuku/news_list/news_detail720724.html Hashtag: # everydayisasunday # today which sunglasses ※ We give original glasses cleaning on the first arrival to visitor having you arrive at event (there is a limited number) Concierge service
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At the event, “Eyewear Concierge” offers a service to support the selection of sunglasses from a professional point of view. In addition to eyewear expertise, he is a professional stylist with a wide range of expertise and skills as an image consultant. As well as consulting as a producer of “impression” consisting of elements such as fashion, facial expressions and behavior as well as makeup and hairstyles, we also have know-how on the selection of fashion items such as beauty and sunglasses. We will utilize the individuality of our customers, and we will provide a consulting service to find new ones, incorporating sunglasses that we thought were not good. In addition, this concierge service will carry out a permanent department store service for the first time in Japan as a department store at the main building 1F = Women’s miscellaneous goods / sunglasses corner after the limited period shop.
Virtual fitting
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In the shop, you can try on virtual sunglasses fitting with a digital device. You can experience fitting and selecting methods while enjoying a variety of shapes, colors and models that you usually do not have. Lens function
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Just as many people use sunscreens to protect their skin from ultraviolet light, sunglasses also protect their eyes and skin from ultraviolet light. Lens variations We will set up a corner where you can enjoy the different lens color differences, lens color trends and UV cut functions.
Isetan Shinjuku store-limited product
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We also introduce Isetan limited products at the venue. Brands are featured, such as Oliver Peoples and Ray Ban!
■ Development brand in the shop
■ Alain Mikli / Burberry / BVLGARI / COACH / Dolce & Gabbana / Giorgio Armani / MiuMiu / Oliver Peoples / PRADA / Tiffany / Ray-Ban / Valentino Garavani

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