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  • [9 lione, Inc.] Cloud medicine management “9 lione” beta version service which solves the problem of hospital residual drug started. Advance application already to more than 130 stores

[9 lione, Inc.]
Cloud medicine management “9 lione” beta version service which solves the problem of hospital residual drug started. Advance application already to more than 130 stores

9lione Corporation Cloud drug management “9lione” beta version service which solves the problem of hospital residual drugs started. Advance application already to more than 130 stores Cloud management for complicated drug management. We aim to establish a platform to reduce hospital residual drugs by visualizing inventory. ………………………………………………………………………………………… 9lione Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yasumasa Shibata) will start a beta version service of cloud medicine management “9lione” (crionee) to solve the problem of residual medicine in hospital from April 10, 2019 .
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In 9lione, medical expenses in Japan have reached a record high in recent years, and the government estimates that it is expected to expand to 68.5 trillion yen in fiscal 2040. In markets where medical expenses are considered to increase, medical supplies are said to be defective stocks. Solve the problem of hospital residual drugs. Currently, most medical institutions hand out over 2,000 medicines and manage them in Excel. It takes a lot of effort to accurately manage by manual input and paper media, and it is not possible to forecast consumption and repeat excessive orders. Such ambiguous management has resulted in hospital residual drugs being discarded, and the loss is said to be 770 billion yen. Cloud medicine management “9lione (Kurione)” solves the problem of hospital residual medicine by drastically reducing the time and effort of inventory control with the simple operation method and unprecedented operation screen.
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Nikkei Shimbun (with 2018/9/17) “With National Medical Expenditure: From 15 trillion 42 trillion yen per person 330,000 yen per person” Features of Cloud Drug Management “9lione”
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9 lione uses the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and optical character recognition technology (OCR) to conduct drug management easily for all medical institutions such as dispensing pharmacies, clinics, dental clinics and animal hospitals, It is a service that can reduce immobile stocks and improve business efficiency.
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Feature 1: Easy reading “prescription OCR” By utilizing optical character recognition technology (OCR), information can be read simply by taking prescriptions with a tablet or smartphone such as iPad, and drug inventory lists are automatically created and updated. Reading prescriptions is a major strength that traditional services can not meet, not only prescriptions with QR code, but also prescriptions that are handwritten.
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Feature 2: Easy management “GS-1 code management” It is possible to read GS-1 code without using a conventional barcode reader, to start without extra cost, and it is also possible to greatly reduce the working time of storage and withdrawal. By automatically updating drug price revisions, management is possible without unnecessary confirmation.
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Feature 3: Easy order “consumption data analyzed order proposal” Eliminate waste by ordering data based on the experience and intuition of managers such as pharmacists up to now, analyzing the patient’s visit date and the tendency of the prescribing doctor, and performing demand / consumption forecast.
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Feature 4: Easy loan “linkage with stock data” In the conventional inventory management system, there was a lot of gap as there was no management of lending and trading with neighboring pharmacies. In 9lione, it is possible to check, adjust, and manage balances and transactions with neighboring pharmacies and to link with inventory data, enabling more accurate inventory management.
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Feature 5: Easy setting “UI / UX by pharmacist” The conventional inventory control system has a lot of unnecessary information, often has a design that is difficult to read, and learning costs have become an introduction barrier. It is designed so that pharmacists and medical workers who have experience in the clinical field actually design UI / UX, and can customize the necessary information by themselves, can be easily set, and learn by introduction The design is as low as cost.
[Future implementation planned functions]
・ Matching platform A service that allows you to share inventory if you have a 9lione-introduced store, eliminating the need to contact loans and buying and selling ・ 1 sheet order ・ neighboring delivery You can order medicines in single-sheet units from 9 lione, and you can receive delivery from nearby pharmacies and clinics, eliminating the need to go through the process. ・ Immediate purchase service A service that enables immediate sale of drugs that are likely to become immobile in the inventory control table with a single button ・ OCR receipt computer Unnecessary receipt service that prescription information read by OCR is reflected on receipt computer as it is
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[About service development]
9lione released the pre-order LP in September 2018, and has received more than 130 pre-order applications within just six months with little marketing cost. We have received applications from various medical institutions including clinics, dental clinics and animal hospitals, mainly on dispensing pharmacies, and we have a wide range of inquiries from privately-owned medical institutions to group-owned medical institutions. In the future, we will expand the functions, improve the efficiency of the medical field, and develop services aiming to reduce the residual medicine in the hospital.

[The feelings of 9 lione]
9lione was founded in August 2018 with a vision of zero in-hospital remaining drugs, as the representative Shibata worked as a general secretary at a group hospital and was unable to reduce in-hospital residual drugs due to inefficient management. Aiming at the innovative movement of medical care and IT technology, we will deepen our understanding of medical issues every day, and aim to reduce medical expenses by eliminating in-hospital residual medicine with all medical workers.
【Company Profile】
Company name: 9lione Co., Ltd. Established: August 8, 2018 Representative: Masashi Shibata U R L: www.9lione.net/ Offices: Ebisu Minami 3-chome 5-7 DG Building 2F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022 Open Network Space
Open Network Lab 17th Demo Day Highest Prize (October 2018) Open Network Lab 17th Demo Day Audience Award (October 2018)

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