Faurecia and ACCESS will jointly showcase next-generation in-vehicle infotainment solution at Shanghai Motor Show

ACCESS Faurecia and ACCESS jointly demonstrate next-generation in-vehicle infotainment solution at Shanghai Motor Show ………………………………………………………………………………………… ACCESS Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Seigo Oishi, hereinafter referred to as ACCESS) is the company’s leading automotive content sharing solution “ACCESS Twine (TM) for Car” Provided to the next-generation infotainment system “Cockpit of the Future (Future Cockpit)” by parts maker Faurecia SA (Head office: Nantere, France, hereafter Faurecia), China’s largest car-related international exhibition, Shanghai A joint demonstration will be held at the motor show (date: April 18-25, 2019, venue: Shanghai, National Exhibition Center autoshanghai.auto-fairs.com/).
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Faurecia’s “Cockpit of the Future” image Patrick Nebout, Director of Global Innovation at Faurecia, “We were highly interested in the features of“ ACCESS Twine for Car ”, which allows you to enjoy personalized multimedia content regardless of the driving mode and the seating position in the car. Through joint demonstrations at the Shanghai Motor Show, we have made our“ Cockpit ”for car makers You’ll see the groundbreaking in-vehicle infotainment system from the of the Future. ” “ACCESS Twine for Car” is a unique ACCESS solution that incorporates all connected entertainment options into an easy-to-use interface. The solution enables car makers and suppliers to provide a highly sophisticated content experience that is personalized for all passengers in a car, in any driving environment. ACCESS is a leading provider, programming company, broadcaster, content rights holder, consultant, lawyer, copyright management company, digital rights management (DRM) technology to realize next-generation attractive car service. We have established a cooperative system with providers and infrastructure operators. ACCESS Europe CEO Dr. Neale Foster “The infotainment experience is an important part of success and failure in car development in the future. Aiming to expand the contents of in-vehicle service, innovative“ Cockpit of the Future ”adopting“ ACCESS Twine for Car ” We are pleased to introduce the Shanghai Motor Show, Inc. This joint demonstration is a company that has provided software to more than 1.5 billion units of equipment, as well as our extensive track record of adoption of our automotive solutions, our expertise in the broadcasting industry, and It can be said that this is a good example of business expansion and global expansion. Press Release on “ACCESS Twine for Car”: ・ April 16, 2018 “ACCESS announces multimedia content sharing solution for vehicles” ACCESS Twine for Car “” www.access-company.com/news_event/archives/2018/0416/ ・ December 18, 2018 “ACCESS announces” ACCESS Twine for Car 2.0 “” www.access-company.com/news_event/archives/2018/1218/ ・ NAB Show on March 25, 2019 -ACCESS, a major electric car maker BYTON, and the international news channel France 24 discuss the relationship between media and mobility www.access-company.com/news_event/archives/2019/0325/ ・ March 28, 2019 “Access and 7digital cooperate in connected radio service for vehicles” www.access-company.com/news_event/archives/2019/0328/
■ About ACCESS Co., Ltd. ACCESS (TSE Mothers: 4813), established in 1984, is an independent software company with a focus on mobile and network software technologies for telecommunications, consumer electronics, automotive, broadcasting, publishing and energy infrastructure industries around the world Provides IT solutions for Cumulative loading experience Development and business of IoT solution that integrates embedded and cloud technology, making use of development power and know-how in mobile software that exceeds 1.5 billion units and network software that has been adopted to more than 300 communication equipment manufacturers We are focusing on We are also promoting international expansion with subsidiaries in Asia, the US and Europe. www.access-company.com/
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