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  • 【Sankei Living Shimbun Inc.】 “City Living” read in the 35th anniversary office of this year’s issue this year is more readable and renewed

【Sankei Living Shimbun Inc.】
“City Living” read in the 35th anniversary office of this year’s issue this year is more readable and renewed

Sankei Living newspaper company The “City Living” read at the 35th anniversary of the first issue of this year’s issue is renewed for easier reading ………………………………………………………………………………………… The “City Living”, an information paper for women working in the office, issued by Sankei Living Shimbun (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO Noriaki Tanaka) is April 12 (April 10) on the occasion of its 35th anniversary. , 11 distribution) has been renewed. Since the launch of “City Living”, the main feature of “reaching to the office and being read by the women who work there” continues while facing the fact that the reader’s own work is more positive, and also becomes a catalyst for communication with colleagues We will deliver fun information. ポ イ ン ト Point of renewal ·logo Each letter has its own personality and has been redesigned into a logo that images the diversity of working women. ・ Catch copy “While feeling free, it was Takane” The spirit of working women is swaying in promoting women’s career and reforming their working styles. “Would this be fine?” “This job may not be suitable” … I want to get information from the window called City Living, and hope that the rough waves coming in will be soft, light and tough. ・ Design In an easy-to-read form that creates an “encounter” From traditional vertical writing (vertical writing) to horizontal writing (horizontal writing), reducing the amount of text for both articles and advertisements, to a volume that can be read crisply between work. The original size has been reduced to 1/8 pages, and the layout has been made clearer and easier to read. ・ Advertising fee We abolished the rate setting in the unit price, and reset it to an easy-to-understand, easy-to-use rate with the 1/8 page rate setting. ・ Start a new project As a media to be read in the office, we will launch a “job project” that focuses on “job types” without putting together working women. The worries and needs of working women differ depending on the type of work and the way of working. In the new series “My Neighbors’ Occupation”, I will introduce some material for each occupation, and develop a talk in a round-table discussion. In addition, a reader-participation salon “Classroom” has been launched, which allows readers of the same type of work to be connected beyond the company. We start recruitment of participants from next issue April 26 issue.
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■ First issue: May 1984
■ Appearance: Tabloid version All color 8 units
■ Number of copies: 800,040 copies in 8 areas nationwide
■ Distribution location: 48,903 offices nationwide
■ Distribution method: Distribute to the office that obtained permission ※ There is a part installation
■ Issuance date: Fri. Wednesday, Thursday Distribution ※ May differ depending on the area シ テ ィ City Living WEB has been renewed from April 10 in conjunction with the space 媒体 Media materials can be downloaded from the right.
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