Released in Japan by The Birth Poster, loved by dad and mom in 95 countries! An exhibition event will be held from April 17!

Villervalla Import Ltd. Released in Japan by The Birth Poster, loved by dad and mom in 95 countries! An exhibition event will be held from April 17! Founded in Sweden, “The Birth Poster” is a birth memorial poster of a baby-sized illustration. It is used regularly in 95 countries around the world, mainly in Northern Europe and Europe. ………………………………………………………………………………………… An exhibition to commemorate the release of The Birth Poster in Japan will be held in Daikanyama, Tokyo for three days from April 17 (Wed) to 19 (Fri)! At the venue, we will exhibit The Birth Poster of children born in Japan. You can experience the scale and quality of full size 1: 1 with design variation. We also hold a present campaign, and it is an exhibition that you can enjoy with children while touching the Scandinavian sense and culture of child care.
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Founded in Sweden, and supported by dad and mom all over the world, “The Birth Poster” is finally released in Japan. Instagram followers have already surpassed 84,000 people, including birthdays, baby gifts for loved ones, gifts as gifts, and have been favored by families in 95 countries around the world.
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Your Child. Your Masterpiece. The day your child was born is the most memorable day of your life. Then it continues to grow rapidly and grows quickly. The Birth Poster is a poster with life-size illustrations of when the baby was born, birth date, height and weight. The unique and timeless design instantly reminds you of the smallness and love of your child when you first meet it.
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The Birth Poster is a poster created by customizing the baby’s illustration to the exact size at birth. It is a timeless design that is loved over time. You can choose your favorite design and color. 仕 様 Specification Price: Single 8,500 yen / Twin 11,000 yen (free shipping) Type: All 12 species x 4 colors (as of April 2019) Size: 50 x 70 cm (19.7 x 27.6 inches) / 51.5 x 72.8 cm (Japanese standard B2 size) Material: 200 g / m2 Matte Paper Acid free, beautiful and durable. Delivery time: Usually delivered to Japan within 2 weeks. Production country: Sweden (design production and printing) ・ The price of the poster includes the postage. We will deliver free of charge anywhere in Japan. ・ Can be ordered in Japanese. Orders are available in more than 25 languages. ・ Customer rating 9.4 points / 10 points (Trustpilot rating)
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DE DESIGN Evelina Westman Evelina Westman works for illustration design. One of the co-founders of The Birth Poster, a talented Swedish artist.
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About FOUNDER Founders The birth poster was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2013 by the couple Evelina and Gustav Westman. Her husband Gustav’s career as an award-winning art director and his passion for illustration for his wife, Everina, has created a product of unique ideas. The sense of the two calls the topic, has attracted attention from a wide range of media such as design magazines and blogs around the world. Apartment Therapy, Elle Decor, Frankie Magazine,, Anine Bing and much more. Also, Evelina and Gustav work on high quality children’s clothing brands.
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THE BIRTH POSTER EXHIBITION in TOKYO Sweden-born birth commemorative poster is finally released in Japan! The Birth Poster exhibition of The Birth Poster will be held in Daikanyama, Tokyo for three days from April 17 (Wed) to 19 (Fri). To commemorate the launch in Japan, we will exhibit The Birth Poster, a children born in Japan. You can experience the design variations of the poster, the scale of the actual size and the quality. At the venue, in addition to a campaign event where gifts are presented, FIKA Fika (Swedish cinnamon roll and juice) is also available. It is an exhibition event that can be enjoyed with children, such as introducing Swedish picture books and sundries, and selling sweets. Date: 2019.4.17 Water-4.19 Fri 11: 00-19: 00 Venue: THE CONOE Daikanyama Gallery Entrance (1-323-1 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku) Organizer: Villervalla Import Inc. Cooperation: FIKAFABRIKEN candy ・ BRIO toy ・ Elsa Beskow picture book ・ miscellaneous goods ・ VILLERVALLA children’s clothes Admission Free ・ Exhibited at kids CONCEPT STORE (Daikanyama). Click here for details on campaign events
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How to order The Birth Poster Accept at the website or at the venue / store From April 20th, exhibited at THE kids CONCEPT STORE (Tokyo, Daikanyama). ・ Japanese version website (April 17th) ・ Handling shop: THE kids CONCEPT STORE Closed on Tuesdays 11: 30-18: 00 12-7-1F Shibuya-ku Shibuya-ku Tokyo Contact info @ ・ Instagram #Thebirthposterjp #thebirthposter
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