Chiba University Honorary Doctorate awarded to Ambassador Rittel Diaz, Republic of Panama in Japan

National University Corporation Chiba University Chiba University Honorary Doctorate awarded to Ambassador Rittel Diaz, Republic of Panama in Japan ………………………………………………………………………………………… On April 11th (Thursday), Rittel Diaz gave an honorary doctorate award ceremony to the Ambassador of the Republic of Panama to Japan at Chiba University Nishi Chiba Campus Keyaki Kaikan. Since the start of awarding in 2005, he will be the eighth awardee at the university. In 2012, Ambassador Diaz, who was the Economic Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Panama in Japan, was interested in the plant factory base business of the Chiba University Environmental Health Field Science Center, and aimed at business development in Panama with his company Inspection of plant factory and exchange of information with this university started. After that, Ambassador Diaz, who was appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Panama in Japan in 2014, went on to conclude an exchange agreement between Panama University, Panama Institute of Technology and Chiba University, in order to expand exchanges between the University of Panama and Chiba University. I made an effort to coordinate with the university. As a result, an exchange agreement was signed with the two universities in January 2016 with the presence of Ambassador Diaz. The conclusion of an agreement with a university in Panama was the first for a university in the country. The exchange of researchers and students has continued actively since the signing. Furthermore, in promoting the “Post Urban Living Innovation Program (PULI)”, a study abroad program launched by the University in 2015 as a “Men’s Global Development Project for Universities” by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, we visited Japan from Panama. We are continuously providing side support to students and Chiba university students who visited Panama. Dr. Takeshi Tokuhisa, Honorary Doctor of Honor’s Degree Certificate, was awarded by Dr. Takeshi Tokuhisa, honoring Dr. Diaz’s hard work on many aspects of Chiba University.
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Commemorative photo in hand with a degree note
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Ambassador Diaz giving a greeting Along with the award ceremony, there will also be a round-table conference with Tokuhisa President, faculty members concerned with Panama, students from Panama studying at Chiba University, and students who studied with Panama students, and the bright and friendly personality of Ambassador Diaz It became a ceremony in a peaceful mood from beginning to end.

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