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Sky Wings Co., Ltd. Accelerates the use of drone in inspection field. Expanding bridges, plants, mines and target areas, participating in each field trials and formulating guidelines

Sky Wings Inc. Sky Wings Co., Ltd. Accelerates utilization of drone in inspection field. Expand bridges, plants, mines and target areas and participate in each field trial and guideline formulation Inspection field: Expansion of drone utilization to bridges, plants and mines ………………………………………………………………………………… Sky Wings Co., Ltd. participates with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, etc. on “Safety Study Group on Drone Utilization in Plant”, “Review Committee on New Technologies in Mine Safety Field (Multi Rotor)” and examines expansion of demand for drone Accelerated with. JXTG Energy participated in demonstration experiments at Negishi Refinery and Sumitomo Osaka Cement Akiyoshi Mine. We will aim to expand business in inspection field. Sky Wings Co., Ltd. promotes the use of drone in inspection field. From January to February 2019, “Safety Study Group on Utilization of Drone in Plant” was held intensively with Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications etc. In this case, I participated as a member of the drone technology side, participated in the drone facility inspection test at the Negishi Refinery owned by JXTG Energy Co., Ltd. and the guidelines for utilizing the drone in the plant. Inspection work in the plant is divided into voluntary inspection and legal inspection, but this cost has a big problem such as a case where one company carries a burden of a scale of tens of billions of yen and a loss due to stoppage of facilities during the inspection period. There are also expectations for the case of substituting emergency inspection by people at the time of a disaster. First of all, we aim to apply to the independent inspection at the plant, but we aim to utilize it including statutory inspection in the future.
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JXTG Energy Utilization of drone in plant at Negishi Refinery (February 2019) In November of last year, we also participated in the “Study Group on New Technologies for Mine Safety Field (Multi Rotor)” together with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry etc, in Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd. We also participate in drone utilization experiments at Yamaguchi Prefecture’s Akiyoshi mine (limestone) possessed by the company. Here, mine related people nationwide gathered. The site of the mine is extensive, and Drone is beginning to contribute to the task of surveying, transportation, inspection and surveillance on the site. Also the use needs are high as well.
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Utilization of drone at mine in Sumitomo Osaka Cement Akiho mine (November 2018)
Sky Wings Co., Ltd. has already expanded its operations in inspections, and in bridge inspection, matching drone operators with high awareness of safety with inspection companies and checking Japanese special camera technology and overseas drone companies according to inspection It is expanding the achievements such as connecting. Although Drone needs the next demand field in the aerial shooting field, there are present circumstances that it is difficult to utilize in a complex environment where many interest holders exist. However, these inspections are originally costly, and in many cases the workers carry out with danger. In addition, because it is a closed environment, it can be said that it is easy for third parties to enter and not to enter, and it is easy to utilize. Next to the aerial shoot, we think that the inspection field has the most needs and matching, and the company will accelerate the use of drone in the inspection field. ※ Consulting and inquiries to the following info@skywings.co.jp

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