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My Navi announces “Part-time job survey of university students”

Mynavi Inc. MyNavi announces “Student part-time job survey for university students” One in three university students is aware of job hunting in part-time job search. When choosing a part-time job, emphasis is on over 60% to “get a member of the work experience” ………………………………………………………………………………………… MyNavi Inc. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Nobuyuki Nakagawa) is a part-time student who is enrolled in first- through fourth-year university students (age: 18-23). For the first time, we presented the results of the survey. (Number of responses: 1,299)
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・ One in three university students is searching for a part-time job with awareness of job hunting ・ A little over 60% of students who are conscious of job hunting put importance on the fact that “membership manners learn” when choosing a part-time job ・ 80% or more of university students answered that “there is no part-time job to want to be a job candidate”
[Summary of survey results]

▼ One in three college students is looking for a part-time job conscious of job hunting When a university student searches for a part-time job, the ratio for answering “I am aware of job hunting (11.1%)” and “I am a little aware (23.0%)” is 34.1% in total, and approximately 1 in 3 university students It turned out that people are conscious of job hunting. Looking at by grade, the proportion of “I am conscious” and “I am conscious a little” is high at about 40% in the second and third grade students who are near job-hunting performances, and part-time workers can appeal as Gakuchika (※) You can see that you are making a choice. ※ Abbreviation of “we put emphasis on student days”. One of the most frequently used questions used by job hunting students in the interviews. Figure 1. Job hunting in part-time job search
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▼ A little over 60% of the students who are conscious of job hunting emphasize that “Successive manners learn” when choosing a part-time job Among university students who answered that they are looking for part-time job consciously looking for part-time job, as a result of researching the point that emphasizes in searching, “Successive manners learn (60.7%)” is prominent and with high result became. In addition, 30% of those who emphasize importance of acquiring personal connections and technical skills useful for job hunting activities, such as “the spread of personal connections (27.3%)” and “specialization is enhanced (27.0%)” . Also, in order to secure time for job hunting as the grade level goes up, the figures for “I have an understanding of shift” are increasing. Figure 2. Important points for job searchers
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▼ 80% or more of university students answered “There is no part-time job that I want to be a job candidate” When asked about the presence or absence of a candidate for employment in a part-time job experienced so far, the result is “No part-time job candidate to make a candidate for employment (84.7%)” is the highest. About one in three university students is searching for a part-time job with an awareness of job hunting, but there are few cases where one wants to work as a full-time employee. Now that it is difficult to secure human resources, hiring a part-time employee as a full-time employee is also a major point in solving the shortage of workers. It can be said that companies need to reform their working environment with an eye on the retention of part-time employees. Figure 3. Whether there is a candidate for employment and the reason
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——————- “Part-time job survey of Mai Navi university students” summary
【Investigation method】
Internet survey
【Investigation period】
February 8 (Fri) to February 13 (Wed), 2019
[Target of survey]
First-fourth grade college students who are working part-time / age: 18-23 years old ※ At the time of survey
【Number of valid answers】
1,299 ※ The details of the survey results are published in “Narebi powered by My Navi Byte” (nalevi.mynavi.jp/) ——————-
[Contact regarding this matter]
Mynavi Inc. President’s Office Part-time research team Tel: 03-6267-4425 Fax: 03-6267-4145 Email: myArm@mynavi.jp
【Contact regarding our company】
Mynavi Inc. President’s Office Public Relations Department Tel: 03-6267-4155 Fax: 03-6267-4050 Email: koho@mynavi.jp

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