Integrated integration of HowMa and smart real estate sales over 100 trillion yen in accumulated AI appraisals, and a full renewal. To the new generation real estate sale standard tool

Corabit Inc. Integrated integration of HowMa and smart real estate sales over 100 trillion yen in accumulated AI appraisals, and a full renewal. To the new generation real estate sale standard tool Integrated AI automatic assessment and smart real estate sales ………………………………………………………………………………………… Corbitt renewed “HowMa” which is used by many real estate owners on April 15, 2019. We provide total support from real estate AI assessment to convincing real estate sales. Coravit Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative director: Takeshi Asami) operates two services
[AI Real Estate Appraisal Service “HowMa (Hauma)]
” and
[Service to simultaneously sell to multiple companies “HowMa Smart Real Estate]
We fully integrated the sale]
and started providing the service of “HowMa”, which was renewed from April 15, 2019.
[HowMa] Accumulated AI assessments for “HowMa” and “HowMa Smart Real Estate Sales” have reached 100 trillion yen (* 1), and sales applications for smart real estate sales have surpassed 250 cases, and so many usages have been made. . With the renewal of integrating two services, “HowMa” will be able to provide total support from simply grasping the property value of a house to selling of a real estate without a doubt.
The main functions available on HowMa after renewal are as follows. Service is free of charge. Check the amount of AI assessment You can always keep track of the current value of your home. As for the apartment, automatic AI assessment can be performed only by selecting the name and the room number (* 2), and entering 6 items for the detached house. Confirmation of surrounding transaction situation You can see how long a house is for sale around your own home. Simulation of outstanding balance Check the balance amount of the AI ​​assessment amount minus the loan debt and expenses. Tax accountant consultation is also available free of charge. Examination of relocation candidate You can view relocation candidates and check the value based on the estimated AI amount of the property you are interested in. Real estate sales that can be understood without hesitation Not only “assessment” but also “sales activity” can be requested at once (patent acquisition) to multiple companies (* 3). New features other than the above are also being prepared at any time as they are being prepared. Going forward, Corbit will support the revitalization of used real estate by making real estate transactions easy and fair. (* 1) Cumulative amount of appraised amount for members and companies registered in HowMa (including multiple assessments of the same property). It is the amount as of April 2019. (* 2) Some apartments are not eligible. (* 3) As of April 2019, services for collective sales to multiple companies are being provided in Tokyo’s 23 wards only. The area will be expanded at any time. -Reference information- << HowMa's AI Real Estate Appraisal It is an AI automatic assessment service that can be used free of charge for all property owners who care about the property value of the house, as well as those who are considering selling the house. In addition to individual customers who own their homes, a number of companies are using the HowMa AI estimation engine. HowMa's AI assessment corresponds to detached houses and condominiums all over Japan, and corresponds to assessment of sales prices and rents. As of April 2019, the cumulative assessment amount has exceeded 3 trillion yen. HowMa Smart Real Estate Sold It is a service of patent acquisition that you can request from multiple companies at once, not only "assessment" for sale but also "sale activity". With just one visit to HowMa staff, you can proceed with the assessment, confirmation and sales activities of multiple companies on your smartphone. (Service provision scope as of April 2019: apartments, detached houses, land in 23 wards of Tokyo) Choosing a reliable real estate company when selling a house is a very difficult decision. In the past, there were many cases in which a real estate company was chosen for a point that had little relevance to the actual selling price, that is, the high and low of the assessment amount presented, and the selling activity did not go well. In order to eliminate such a mismatch between the seller and the real estate company, it is a completely new service that requests not only assessment but also sale activities at once to multiple companies. Corabit Inc.
Shibaura 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 3-10 Third Tonun Building 8F
Representative Director / CEO Takeshi Asami
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Development and operation of HowMa, development and operation of corporate price estimation service Development and maintenance of smartphone applications and web services
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