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A playlist with the theme of “music that created confidence” selected by KIMIKA, who also acknowledged and voiced Lady Gaga singing, is released on “AWA”! In addition, a gift campaign with signed goods is also launched

AWA Corporation Lady Gaga also admits singing voices and publishes playlists selected by KIMIKA on the theme of “music that created confidence” on “AWA”! In addition, a gift campaign with signed goods is also launched ………………………………………………………………………………………… April 15, 2019 Each place AWA Corporation President and CEO Tetsutaro Ono
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The subscription-type (flat-rate) music streaming service “AWA” operated by AWA Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Tetsutaro Ono) saw Lady Gaga singing and tears, A full-scale singer KIMIKA with a four-octave range has released a playlist on April 15, 2019, with a playlist of songs selected on the theme of “Music that created confidence.” The playlists released this time are new remixes by DJ HASEBE and BABY-T, including “Shallow (A Star Is Born) feat. RIOSKE (COLOR CREATION)” which offers to Lady Gaga directly and the cover is realized. In addition, it was created in commemoration of the distribution of KIMIKA’s 1st mini-album “Dream” that seven songs were recorded, and the music is selected on the theme of “music that created confidence”. Including the name of the Alicia keys’s famous ballad “If I ain’t got you” who sang a single love on the piano sound, “Big Girl Don’t Cry (Personal) the red point Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas sang And a total of 17 songs from all over Japan such as Utada Hikaru’s second single “Movin’on without you”. By all means world songs Please combine the playlist with the album ‘Dream’ with husky and delicate singing voices that the princess has weeped. In addition, AWA official Twitter is carrying out a present campaign in which the signed AWA cap of KIMIKA is hit. We will retweet the designated post on AWA official Twitter and will give a present from among those who are following this account by lottery.
▼ AWA Official Twitter Target Post URL https://twitter.com/AWA_official/status/1117629014334513152 “AWA” will start providing services in May 2015, and the number of songs delivered will be approximately 53 million songs per month for 960 yen (tax included), and the number of playlists of celebrities and users who can only listen on “AWA” Has grown to become one of the largest music streaming services in Japan, including approximately 10 million. Furthermore, in October 2018, we formed a business partnership with the short movie app “TikTok”, enabling “TikTok” users to take videos with more music. In addition, if you find a song that you are interested in, you can now play the sound source on the “TikTok” app. We will pursue services that enjoy new music and enjoy encounters and reunions comfortably, expand functions and music, and aim to stimulate the entire Japanese music industry.
■ “Selected by KIMIKA: Music that made KIMIKA” 01. Beatiful Tears / KIMIKA 02. Listen / KIMIKA 03. I want you back / Jackson 5 04. If I ain’t got you / Alicia keys 05. Listen / Beyonce 06. Million Reasons / Lady gaga 07. Shallow / Lady gaga 08. Shine we are! / BoA 09. Sing my soul / Beverly 10. One In a Million / Hannah Montana 11. Big Girl Don’t Cry (Personal) / Fergie 12. So close … / Crystal Kay 13. The world is laughing at you / Little Gree Monster 14. Movin’on without you / Utada Hikaru 15. Mad / NE-YO 16. End Of The Road / Boyz II men 17. I’m in love / Ra.D
▼ Playlist URL mf.awa.fm/2Pa1k2w
■ KIMIKA A full-fledged singer with husky delicate voice quality and a four-octave range. His singing ability has been evaluated, and he has performed Beverly’s back chorus and temporary songs for many songs. We won the audition of two consecutive years S sun OWROOM event, and won the grand prix in front of 10,000 spectators in the final screening in “TOKYO GIRLS MUSIC FESTIVAL 2017” held at Yoyogi No. 1 gymnasium in 2017 . I fascinated a large audience with the performance of the masterpiece on the stage. Major debuted on November 7th, 2018, with delivery limited EP from Yuni Bassar Music. With a cover centered on Western music and more than 30 original songs, he has been focusing on live music and distribution. The grand prix was won in the audition project “Stardom Audition” in which the movie “Ally / Star birth” and LINE LIVE collaborated in November 2018. Starring Lady Gaga invited to rehearsals for Las Vegas performances Realized an emotional meeting on the spot in December. The form of singing “shallow” with the person is that the YouTube-up video is currently played 200,000 times on TV and SNS at the movie release timing. 7,234 Instagram followers (as of January 2019) Twitter: https://twitter.com/xiahmin16 instagram: instagram.com/xiahmin16
■ App outline “AWA” is a subscription-type (flat-rate) music streaming service provided by AWA Co., Ltd., a joint venture of CyberAgent and Avex Digital Co., Ltd. The service will be launched in May 2015, and the number of distributed songs will be 53 million, and the number of playlists created by celebrities and users will be approximately 10 million. In November 2016, we announced a new “Free Plan” that allows all functions except “Offline Replay” to be used free of charge monthly. A new feature “Highlight Playback” has also been added that can play short versions of songs in a crossfade, and the total number of downloads has surpassed 18 million downloads (as of January 2, 2019). In addition, Google Play announced “Best of 2017” Japanese version announced in December 2017, and won “2017 Best App”, which is the top of the app. In October 2018, the short movie -We have a business alliance in the music business with the platform “TikTok”. “AWA” has grown to become one of the largest music streaming services in Japan. Name: “AWA (AWA)” awa.fm/ Recommended environment: ■ URL AWA: awa.fm/ App Store: itunes.apple.com/jp/app/awa-music/id 980578855 Google Play: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fm.awa.liverpool Desktop version app: awa.fm/download/ AWA Update: news.awa.fm/ AWA Official Twitter: twitter.com/awa_official?lang=en
■ Company Profile Company name: AWA Co., Ltd. Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Aoyama 3-chome, No. 1-30, Avex Building Representative: President and Representative Director Tetsutaro Ono Description of business: Music streaming service, etc. Date of establishment: December 1, 2014
■ Contact information AWA spokesman press@awa.fm

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