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AI examination using emotion analysis system at the pitch contest of Japan’s largest global AI conference “AI / SUM Applied AI Summit”

Avex Corporation AI examination applying emotion analysis system at pitch contest of Japan’s largest global AI conference “AI / SUM Applied AI Summit” ………………………………………………………………………………………… The Company (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Katsuto Matsuura) is Japan’s largest global AI conference hosted by Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Naotoshi Okada) We will provide our emotion analysis system for the NEXT90 pitch contest held at the AI ​​/ SUM Applied AI Summit. The “NEXT 90” is a pitch contest mainly for the top AI related startups in Japan, where the business model is presented in front of investors, business associates and media gathered from around the world. This time, using the “visitor analysis system”, which analyzes the facial expression of the face of the person originally developed by the Company, the camera photographs the visitors of the “NEXT 90” pitch contest held on April 22 (Mon). Collects and analyzes the presentation response of the speaker in real time. From the analyzed data, we will compare visitors’ reactions quantitatively and participate as an “AI judge” who will determine through this system which team is most emotionally shaken. In addition, next day April 23 (Tuesday) at WORKSHOP in the same event, we will comment on our efforts and mechanisms. Our company agrees with the theme of “AI / SUM co-evolution” which AI / SUM advocates, we show one figure of approach with AI with emotion analysis system, and we would like to disseminate it as Japanese AI utilization case You are With “visitor analysis system” A live visitor analysis system, developed independently by Microsoft, using Microsoft’s cognitive service “Microsoft Cognitive Services” to realize highly satisfying live events. The faces of the visitors are detected by the camera installed in the hall with AI, the lively lively music and the music being played, “anger”, “disapproval”, “disgust”, “fear”, “joy”, “neutral”, “sadness” It analyzes and quantifies the relevance of “surprise” emotions. In the past, objective evaluation of live events has been based on qualitative indicators, but quantifying the reaction of visitors makes it possible to objectively evaluate entertainment for which quantitative effects are difficult to measure. It leads to the improvement of the quality and satisfaction of the event. With “AI / SUM” AI / SUM is a global event based on the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence). With the evolution of machine learning, we will discuss the ideal way of using AI and data as an innovation that evolves with people in the time when AI will rapidly be used in industry and society. We will also hold a national university business plan contest (university vidicon) using the broadband and secure academic network “SINET”. Based on the “Reliable Free Data Distribution (Data Free Flow with Trust = DFFT) advocated by Prime Minister Abe at the Davos Conference in January, even the US type based on huge consumption information, China with state control We also transmit AI strategies from Japan that are not types, from Japan via the AI ​​/ SUM.

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