“Motor Fan Festa 2019 in Fuji Speedway” More than 20,000 people came and closed

Sanei More than 20,000 people of “Motorfan Festa 2019 in Fuji Speedway” have come and close “Maximum test drive” car experience event ………………………………………………………………………………………… The Motorfan Festa Steering Committee held the Motorfan Festa 2019 in Fuji Speedway on Sunday, April 14, 2019 at Fuji Speedway (Oyamamachi, Shizuoka Prefecture). Many “motor fans” visited early in the morning, and the number of visitors was 23,150, marking more than 20,000 mobilizations for four consecutive years.
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Based on the theme of “the test drive’s biggest car experience event”, the main car, the old car and the racing car are home straight with various test drive programs such as new model large test ride, ride comparison and new latest 250cc bike test ride. The grid walk, the D1 exhibition run, the EV (electric car) race, and so on, make it possible to fully enjoy the fascinating cars in Japan and abroad. In addition, more than 100 exhibitors set up booths to show events including tuning cars and dress-up cars, selling various parts and goods, talk shows and attractions.
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-Summary- Name: Motor Fan Festa 2019 in Fuji Speedway URL: motorfanfesta.com Date and time: April 14th, 2019 (Sun) 8: 00-17: 00 Venue: Fuji Speedway (695 Nakayama, Oyama-cho, Shoto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture) Organized by: Motor Fan Festa Steering Committee Supported by: Sanei Co., Ltd. Sponsorship: MF Ghost / Car Trading Co., Ltd. Cooperation: Fuji Speedway Co., Ltd. Media Partner: American car magazine / CAR top / Kazi / custom car / camion / monthly private car / The car / GERMAN CARS / Tipo / driver / best car / Holiday Auto / Le Boran / Let’s Go 4 WD / AUTOCAR / Colism / Response / Lady Go Moto! / K-mix / ZIP-FM Ambassador: MFG Angels Guest: Masked girl Entrance fee: free Parking ticket: 4 wheel advance sale ¥ 3,500 * ¥ 1,250 coupon included With a coupon of ¥ 4,500 * ¥ 1,000 on the day of the four-wheeled vehicle Two-wheeled day only ¥ 1,000 * ¥ 1,000 coupon included Content Summary: New-model large-scale test drive event (the number of test drive vehicles 53) Ride comparison test ride event (same 6 sets 12 cars) GENROQ SUPER DRIVE 2019 SUPPORTED by KW (11 units of the same) Latest 250cc motorcycle test ride event (18 cars) Super Grid Walk (95 participants) D1GP exhibition (7 units) EV (electric car) race (15 cars participating) Maker & shop booth exhibition others
◆ Motorfan Festa Steering Committee イ ー ス ト 160-8461 Shinjuku 6-27-30, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku East Side Square 7F (Sanei Inc.) TEL 03 6897 4849 Fax 03 6897 4840
◆ Download data for media You can download the event photos, logos, etc. from the link below. saneishobo.app.box.com/v/MFF2019

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