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“WealthNavi for Suminobu SBI Net Bank” New Life Support Campaign

Wells Navi Co., Ltd. “WealthNavi for Suminobu SBI Net Bank” New Life Support Campaign ………………………………………………………………………………………… Wealth Navi Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative director CEO: Kazuhisa Kuwayama, hereinafter “the company”), which provides No. 1 Robo Advisor (*) “WealthNavi (Wells Navi),” We announced that a campaign to cash back the fee for 3 months will be implemented for customers who started asset management at “WealthNavi for Suminobu SBI Net Bank” from Monday, April 15th. You
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In this campaign (April 15, 19-May 31, 1919), we will make an entry during the campaign period to support those who will take on a new life from this spring, “WealthNavi for Suminobu SBI net We will provide a cashback fee of 3 months for customers who satisfy the conditions, such as the first start of asset management at a bank. ※ According to the general incorporated foundation Japan Investment Management Association “contract asset status (latest version) (as of the end of March 2030)” according to Morningstar investigation (as of August 2020)
■ “WealthNavi for Suminobu SBI Net Bank” New Life Support Campaign Campaign page: (www.wealthnavi.com/campaign/ssnb/004)

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※ Please confirm from the campaign page (www.wealthnavi.com/campaign/ssnb/004) about the details of the campaign including the application conditions.
■ Main features of RoboAdvisor “WealthNavi (Wells Navi)” 1. Asset management for all We automatically make international diversified investments without advanced knowledge and effort with advanced management functions and asset management algorithms used by the wealthy of the world and institutional investors based on the theory advocated by Nobel Prize winners etc. . 2. Services for the working generation who want to form stable assets in the medium to long term ROBO Advisor creates optimal portfolio, maintains reasonable asset allocation without being disturbed by the psychological barrier that individual investors fall in, and rational investment behavior such as continuation of funded investment to disperse risk such as exchange rate It will be realized. 3. Supports efficient and efficient asset management with high functionality We support customers’ efficient and effective asset management with our “automatically with rebalancing” and “automatic tax optimization (DeTAX)” functions, which have patented core technologies. * The application of automatic tax optimization (DeTAX) is subject to conditions, and there is no guarantee that the tax burden will be postponed. Four. Clear fee, asset management algorithm also published in white paper Fees are only 1% of the value of the assets under custody (excluding cash, annual rate, tax excluding *). In addition, the asset management algorithm is published on the white paper, and anyone can view it on the website. ※ A discount fee of 0.5% (excluding cash, annual rate, excluding tax) applies to the portion where the assets in custody exceed 30 million yen
■ Company Profile Wells Navi Co., Ltd. Company Name Welth Navi Ltd. (English name: WealthNavi Inc.) Representative Director CEO Kazuhisa Kuwayama Established April 28, 2015 Location 2-17-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shionogi Shibuya Building 12F Capital: 5,68578 million yen (including capital surplus) URL www.wealthnavi.com/ Business description Financial instruments business Kanto Treasury Director (Kinsho) No. 2884 Membership Associations Japan Securities Dealers Association, Japan Investment Advisory Services Association

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