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  • 【Company Schedule】 【First Holding for 2020 Graduation】 We will hold “Employment Expansion in Asagaku Navi” in Kobe.

【Company Schedule】

【First Holding for 2020 Graduation】
We will hold “Employment Expansion in Asagaku Navi” in Kobe.

【Company Schedule】

【First Holding for 2020 Graduation】
We will hold “Employment Expansion in Asagaku Navi” in Kobe.
Co., Ltd.
【First holding for 2020 graduation】
We will hold “Employment Expansion in Asagaku navi” in Kobe. “Employment Expansion in Asagaku Nabis” is one of the largest domestic joint-industry seminars in Japan with a record of more than 200,000 students and a total of 7,000 participating students. ………………………………………………. ………………………………….. Will hold the mostest job hunting event in Japan “Employment Expansion in Asagaku Navi” in Kobe. The hiring (Head office: Kita – ku, Osaka – shi, Chuo – ku, Tokyo / President: Seiwa Nakai) Many company representing Kobe will exhib exhibit at this event. It will be implemented after more than 1 week from last year. A job hunting activity for 2020 graduate students began. “Employment Expansion of Asagaku Nabis” held in Kobe will be held at Kobe Samba Hall, which is close to Sannomiya Station on each line. A number of company representative local Kobe will also exhibit and support companies wanting to study business and recruit new graduates of students who wish to work in Kobe.
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■ Event holding summary · Event name: Job hunting in Asagaku navi · Date: 3/6 (Wednesday), 3/7 (Thursday) 10: 30 ~ 17: 00 · Location: Kobe Samba Hall 5-1-32 Hamanobori Chuo-ku Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture 651-0083 · “Asagaku navi 2020” posted page www.gakujo.ne.jp/2020/events/evt_dtl.aspx?p1=evt115&area=hyogo
■ Main contents
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· Lecture section It is an area that gives lectures for students in a large space. We are planning not only lectures by companies but also lectures on job hunting activities. · Booth area Each company is partitioned by partitions, an area where company staff and students can have contacts at close distances. · Consultation corner A professional job hunting consultant, such as entry sheet correction and interview countermeasure, will respond to student’s job hunting consultation.
■ Participating companies (one example) A total of 70 companies scheduled to participate for 2 days Kobe City Hall, Kobe Shin Traffic, Showa Housing, Hyogo Shinkin Bank, Hyogo Prefectural Government Office, Familia, Minato Bank, etc.
■ What is Employment Expo in Asagaku Navi? It is the largest joint company seminar in Japan. As a joint company seminar that conveys the attractiveness of middle, small, medium and small venture companies without being caught by the birthrate, it is a staple of student job hunting and corporate recruitment activities. Currently it is held in 11 cities nationwide in Sapporo · Sendai (joint-venture company seminar was held in 1982 as the first company in Japan to be “Employment Expo”, and still boasts the largest number of participating companies and participating students in the industry. · Tokyo · Yokohama · Nagoya · Shiga · Kyoto · Osaka · Kobe · Hiroshima · Fukuoka. We have appreciated many companies, students and universities in various places, and are spreading as a standard for joint company seminars. service.gakujo.ne.jp/newgraduate/event/shushokuhaku
■ What is Asaka Navi (Asahi Science Navi) Number of student members who offer content with the Asahi Shimbun company, 409,948 people · Number of returned companies 2,549 companies (as of August 2018) This is a job information website for new graduates. Though a new graduate recruitment mismatch has long been screamed, Asagaku We have introduced a system to encourage matching between students and companies, such as employment laboratory equipped with AI (artificial intelligence) guides individually matching companies from behavior record of each student. In addition, we providing contents to learn about society and the world of sight from the business of job hunting know-how such as “today’s morning newspaper” which explained the social and industry topics in an easy-to-understand manner from the job line of sight from the article of the day of the Asahi newspaper I will. service.gakujo.ne.jp/newgraduate/navi
■ What is Academic Corporation? As a corporate shareholder Asahi Shimbun and a major financial institution capital investment, is a major general employment information company that customers with about 5,000 excellent companies. In addition to the Asahi Shimbun newspaper “Ashigaku Navi (Asahi Narita Navi)
[Founded / 1976 Capital / 1.5 billion yen affiliated organization / Japan Federation of Economic Organizations, Japan Association of Job Offers]

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