[ZETA Corporation] Review engine “ZETA VOICE” supports audience function

ZETA Corporation Review engine “ZETA VOICE” supports audience function Implemented a new function to display the actions of other users, such as the number of people viewing the page, on product detail pages such as EC sites and reservation sites ………………………………………………………………………………………… ZETA Co., Ltd. (Head office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Tokuyuki Yamazaki, hereinafter ZETA), a leading company in commerce and CX that develops and sells EC product searches and recommendations We will notify you of the correspondence. ————- What is the audience function of “ZETA VOICE” ————- It is a function to display the actions of other users in the product detail page such as EC site and reservation site.
▼ Display example ・ Number of people watching the page ・ Favorite registration for products ・ Number of people who checked ・ The number of people who put the product in the cart ・ Purchased goods ・ Number of people who booked service 【merit】 It is possible to visualize the popularity by displaying the actions of other users interested in the same product / service. ————- Unlike in-store shopping, it is often difficult to see how busy things are and what other people are buying, and whether it is a really good product or service that you have chosen, or it may be difficult to feel topicality. The fact that you can see the prosperous state like a real store objectively and in real time has the effect of alleviating the anxiety of online shopping where you can not see the movement of people, and by using it in conjunction with the review, the value of products and services Visualize popularity and boost purchasing. For product offer prices and other detailed product information, please contact us at: 問 合 せ <Inquiry formhttps://zetacx.com/contact ————- We are planning to develop and implement similar functions in the future, and we will transmit information as needed, so please stay tuned. [ZETA CX Series Product Information]
▼ EC Product Search / Site Search Engine About ZETA SEARCH [https://zetacx.com/zeta-search] EC product search / in-site search engine that pursues flexibility and setting of “refine” and “sort” that are important in search on EC site, supports large scale and high load, users Drop rates, abandon rates, and maximize conversions. In addition to stability as a package and quick introduction, it has various search functions such as a suggestion function that is a support function at the time of keyword input and a search function such as suggestion search, drill down type narrowing down and facet count to display the corresponding number in advance. This makes it possible to implement site search with high flexibility and customization.
▼ About recommendation engine ZETA RECOMMEND [https://zetacx.com/zeta-recommend] It is a recommendation engine that displays personalized recommendations for individual users, and it is possible to make recommendations utilizing various data by combining multiple matching logics, including collaborative filtering and rule-based filtering. By machine learning function, we grasp feature of each user based on action history such as purchase history, browsing history, search history, and cooperation with external data such as climate information or trend information, and division into division by device or phase It also supports and realizes highly recommended recommendations. We will develop potential needs by raising users’ new awareness with the state-of-the-art recommendation method, leading to the realization of cross-selling, site value improvement and profitability improvement.
▼ Review engine About ZETA VOICE [https://zetacx.com/zeta-voice] It is an engine that can easily implement review content based on multiple evaluations using multiple evaluation axes for the site itself and the products and services provided. It has various functions such as evaluation by score, free comment and staff response which are considered effective for SEO measures, analysis of contribution review data, utilization in A / B test, search result of review The site content can be enriched by reflection. Delivering real voices of other consumers to users who are considering purchasing will realize transparent and reliable marketing from the user’s point of view and will be a powerful backup for purchasing behavior. ——————————————– ※ Please feel free to contact us at info@zetacx.com for inquiries, consultations and estimates. ——————————————–
● Case study of ZETA CX series adopted for top company EC site URL: zetacx.com/case ・ “Ito Yoka Dornet supermarket” run by Ito Yokado Co., Ltd. zetacx.com/case/iyns ・ “Yamada Webcom”, “Yamada Mall”, “Peach Park” operated by Yamada Denki Co., Ltd. zetacx.com/case/yamadadenki ・ “Book off Online” operated by Book Off Online Co., Ltd. zetacx.com/case/bookoffonline The introduction of leading companies will continue in various industries in the future.
■ ZETA CX Series List ・ EC product search / site search engine “ZETA SEARCH” ・ Recommend engine “ZETA RECOMMEND” ・ Advertisement optimization engine “ZETA AD” ・ Review engine “ZETA VOICE” ・ Personalized solution “ZETA DMP” Related Press Release ・ Introduction of the latest installed functions such as video and image upload of review engine “ZETA VOICE” zetacx.com/pressrelease/products-function/zeta-voice-upload-photos-movies201812/2018/1203 ・ Annual distribution on the introduction site of the marketing solution “ZETA CX series” tops 1 trillion yen zetacx.com/pressrelease/zeta-cx-series-ec-trillion-transaction/2019/0115 ・ We will carry out replacement campaigns from Yahoo! Search Custom Search (YCS) and Google Search Appliance (GSA) zetacx.com/pressrelease/campaign/ycs-gsa-replace201902/2020/0204 -EC product search-In-site search engine “ZETA SEARCH” has been introduced on Second Street Online Store, the second website operated by Geo, Inc. zetacx.com/pressrelease/case/search-engine/geo-2ndstreet-online-store201902/2019/0207 ・ E-Commerce product search ・ Search engine in site “ZETA SEARCH” has been introduced at “Golf Partner Online Shop”, a mail-order site operated by Golf Partner, Inc. zetacx.com/pressrelease/case/search-engine/golfpartner-online-shop201902 / 2019/0220 ・ Advertising optimization engine “ZETA AD” supports promotion search function zetacx.com/pressrelease/products-function/zeta-ad-promotion-search201904/20019/0403 =====================================================
■ ZETA Corporation zetacx.com ・ Head office location: 154-0024 Sangenjaya Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 2-11-22 Santa Ward Center Building 17F ・ Establishment: June 2006 ・ Capital: 100 million yen ・ Representative: Tokuyuki Yamazaki -Business description: Development and sales of CX solution “ZETA CX series”, server hosting and operation monitoring =====================================================

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