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  • Smartphone is not an enemy of study, “a good mental trainer”? The psychosomatic doctor in the media talks about it in the media, and “smartphone utilization method” that brings about a revolution in study

Smartphone is not an enemy of study, “a good mental trainer”? The psychosomatic doctor in the media talks about it in the media, and “smartphone utilization method” that brings about a revolution in study

Asahiya Bookstore Co., Ltd. Smartphone is not an enemy of study, “a good mental trainer”? The psychosomatic doctor in the media talks about it in the media, and “smartphone utilization method” that brings about a revolution in study We will deliver “now” book information & author interviews. by book TUBE ………………………………………………………………………………………… Takada Yoshida’s new book, “Backing from Brain Science and Medicine! Smartphone Study Revolution” (Youthle Publishing Co., Ltd.) is on sale! In commemoration, an interview with the author was held at the book submission site “Book TUBE” of 100 million books and a bookstore. Takashi Yoshida’s Backing from Brain Science and Medicine! Smartphone Research Revolution (Adolescent Publishing Co., Ltd.) was released on December 21, 2018. This book is a doctoral and psychosomatic physician, and is a book full of smart smartphone usage by Yoshida, who is a topic of charisma for exams. How to use “independent” to highly toxic smartphones? Is the smartphone that has been considered as an enemy of learning changed to the strongest weapon in a way that is suitable for the brain’s mechanism? Why is this way, everyone will suddenly improve their grades? I would like you to confirm the groundbreaking study method using the latest brain science and mental medicine. This TUBE editorial department × Takayoshi Yoshida interview
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/13301/122/resize/d13301-122-604747-3.jpg] ――――――――――――――――――――――――― ―― The “smartphone study revolution” is a title that has an impact. In fact, I asked for this title. Using a smartphone, I am focused on memory, memory, and use the brain mechanism to make a revolution. It can revolutionize study efficiency. Because I had such confidence as a doctor, I asked the publisher to give me the word “revolution” from me. ―― I think that studying smartphones is an app, but it is not an introduction book for apps. Rather, there are a lot of people who say that their motivation is reduced by studying with smartphone apps, or that their memory and thinking skills are reduced. The good thing about the app is that you get scores right away. The points in the app are actually rising. Then, when it comes to whether the score goes up, there are data that the score does not go up. When it comes to how this is done, it is all about receiving, studying and receiving. However, actual practice tests and entrance exams don’t ask about the function of the passive brain, but the entrance exam is about how to use the knowledge you have studied, such as English words you learned, with your own will. . If the smartphone is “remembered”, it does not sublime to the knowledge that you can use yourself. That’s why it’s not useful for entrance exams. If you add it to avoid misunderstanding, I have written well in this book, but after all you should use useful apps. But It is not “used” by the app. After all smartphone is plane. There is a famous research result that human beings do not particularly improve language acquisition, just because they think it is a plane. So I think it’s flat but solid, I guess! In mental medicine, there are various experimental data on the effects of believing, and just thinking makes a difference in work at all. -After all, it means that you can use the functions that are originally included in the smartphone instead of the app. For example, the alarm function is very important in the book. It is most important. First of all, all entrance exams have a limited time, so what do you know? In modern society, everything depends on how much performance can be achieved in a given time. -Does that mean that you are adjusting it? Such thing. All study takes time, and then it’s sharp. I think everyone should just use the brain, but it’s also important to rest. At the same time as the brain learns firmly in a short time, it is necessary to rest the brain firmly for a short time. The result is the image that the function of the brain is improved by learning and taking. It is better to have more than no knowledge, but the more important thing is to improve the function of the brain. Memory ability, thinking ability, concentration ability … that this is up. Certainly, although only a little per day, it is a huge asset, and we have to think of it as an outcome. But it’s hard to measure, so if everyone has a long time, it’s good. As a guide, I would like you to set as a short example a person who does not have time for 15 minutes at a time, typically 50 minutes or 1 hour. I always finish my study when the alarm sounds. Censored How much concentration did you get after? I do self-grading in five stages and input it to the smartphone further. Focusing ability goes up just by thinking that something will remain after all. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/13301/122/resize/d13301-122-236398-2.jpg] ――It was also impressive that “I encourage the future of myself with my smartphone.” Encouragement is said, but after all the most important thing in study is to raise motivation. Moreover, I think that being able to study in a positive way so that I can study rather than study impossible is impossible to say that it is far more important than memory and concentration when I say frankly. What I can do with a smartphone is what I want to tell you most. In sports etc, words of teacher’s encouragement are very effective for the player, but it means that you make it by yourself on your smartphone. ――If you enter the calendar application schedule and repeat it daily … That way you give Encouragement again and again. You can become a person who wants to be gradually changed in the neural circuit of the brain by the fact that the person positively accepts it by himself. You will be able to study happily and positively. This “smartphone study revolution” makes it possible. I hope that I will give my future good message on my smartphone. — A smartphone that loses concentration just because it is put there, does not you think it is an enemy of study? If you practice the method of this book, you will be able to continue your hard studies positively and positively. Let’s revolutionize your study with your smartphone. Thank you very much!
■ Takayoshi Yoshida Doctor of medicine, psychosomatic doctor. Hongo Akamon former clinic director. Shinjuku Stress Clinic Advisor. Born in 1964. Graduated from Fuchu Junior High School, Toho High School, University of Tokyo. Graduated from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Life Science. After completing Kitasato University School of Medicine, he completed the Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo. While at Todai, while studying for life sciences, he spent two years in a row on a national government employee’s type I economic occupation examination on his own in leisure time, and became a topic of charisma for the examination. Currently, she supports psychosomatics as a director of psychosomatic medicine “Hongo Akamon Mae Clinic”, which uses brain sciences and learning medicine to pass examinees, and passes all exams such as examinations and qualification exams of course. At the same time, as the president of the Learning Counseling Association, he is trying to teach and disseminate study methods that apply brain functions and mental training. ____ In the main story, there are a lot of other questions and talks, and you can also enjoy the expressions of the artist you can not usually see! If you want to see the full version, check out the interview video! hon-tube.com/p/movie.php?movieid=2795

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