Tapioca milk tea and cherry & berry, pancake of whole fruits are newly released! “Bibliotheque Pancake Festival” starts with a collection of new pancakes

media· Contemporary Planning Center (CP Center) Tapioca milk tea and cherry & berry, pancake of whole fruits are newly released! “Bibliotheque Pancake Festival” starts with a collection of new pancakes April 17th (Wed)-6 / 30th (Sun) Cafes & Books held at Bibilotake All Stores ………………………………………………………………………………………… Cafe & Books Bibliotheque will be holding the Bibliotheque Pancake Festival, which has a large selection of pancakes from the ever-popular menu from 4/17 (Wed). During the fair period, a total of 10 or more pancake menus will appear at 5 stores, and LINE campaign planning will also be held simultaneously to accumulate points and present “pancake 500 yen OFF” and “Vibliotheque original white dishes” I will.
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■ Bibliotheque Pancake Festival 2019/4/17 (Wed)-6/30 (Sun) In order to further enjoy the popular product “Fuwari Mochi Riri Pancake” of Bibiliotheque, we hold the “Bibliotheque Pancake Festival”, which brings together a number of new pancakes. In addition to the monthly menu such as Tapioca milk tea pancake and pancake with a whole navel, and “Monsly Pancake” where you can enjoy seasonal ingredients, as well as the original pancake of each store, you can share involuntarily with the cute look unique to Bibliotheque Pancakes will appear for a limited time.
【Product introduction】

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● Cream pancake of cherry and berry (body price: 1,500 yen) Sweet and sour cherry cream, and dark cherry, griot cherry, blackberry compote of three kinds of cherry. Furthermore, it is a lovely and cute pancake with the appearance of topping three kinds of berries.
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● Pancakes of the whole navel (body price: 1,700 yen) Original pancake using seasonal ingredients whole, the name is “whole pancake”. Whole lavish complimented navel orange is combined with rich nutty custard cream and vanilla ice. Serve with plenty of separately added orange sauce.
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● Tapioca milk tea pancake rich tea sauce (body price: 1,500 yen) Tapioca milk tea is now a pancake. The fluffy baked pancake topped with fragrant black tea cream and rich black tea sauce, and a rich, sticky texture of tapioca.

[Store original pancake]
Each store’s original shop original pancake will appear newly.
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● Pancakes of Uji matcha and fresh blueberries (body price: 1,500 yen) Sweet and delicious but guilty zero “guilty free 8.5 pancake” series! We added rich Uji green tea cream and fresh blueberries and blackberries, and added accents with rosemary-scented matcha anglaise sauce to make an elegant pancake. This pancake is a pancake that supports healthy life where dietary fiber for 8.5 balls of lettuce and polyphenol for 1.5 onions can be consumed.
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● Pancakes of marshmallow brulee and strawberry (body price: 1,400 yen) A pancake with caramelized brulee custard with plenty of fluffy custard. Topped with good strawberries, accented caramel sauce and lovely marshmallow.
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● Pancakes of caramel banana and praline cream (body price: 1,300 yen) Sand the cream that combines fragrant praline paste and patissiere, topped with crispy caramelised banana. Add the salt caramel sauce and enjoy the taste change.
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● Pancakes from Fukuoka Yame tea and mascarpone cream (body price: 1,200 yen) A special pancake for the Fukuoka store limited, using plenty of “Yame tea”, a specialty of Fukuoka. A fluffy mascarpone romanov cream, a gentle sweetness unique to Yame tea, and a pancake that tastes a bit of adult luxury with a bittersweet taste.
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● Creamy pancake of Aso Jersey milk and caramel banana (body price: 1,100 yen) Topped with plenty of cream using natural sweetness and thick rich Aso jersey milk. Yogurt sauce with orange flavor, accompanied by accented caramelised bananas. Kumamoto store-limited pancake using ingredients of Kumamoto.
【Monthly pancake】
Monthly pancake for April, May and June. We offer at all stores.
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● Strawberry and rhubarb confiture and yogurt mousse pancake honey vanilla sauce (body price: 1,300 yen) Served with fresh strawberry and rhubarb fruity homemade confiture, sour yogurt mousse and vanilla ice. You can enjoy refreshing acidity and gentle sweetness with vanilla-flavored honey sauce.
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● Special fruit pancake macadamia nut sauce (body price: 1,300 yen) Fresh fruits add strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and bananas. We prepared macadamia nut sauce that sweet sweetness and texture accentuate for sauce. Please enjoy fluffy mochi pancake in combination with vanilla ice cream.
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● Rich and smooth lemon cream (body price: 1,300 yen) Pancakes with plenty of refreshing lemon sauce. The topping roast pineapple is like a flower and the impact is outstanding. Serve with sweet and sour tropical fruit compote.

【LINE campaign planning】
During the fair period, we will carry out a LINE campaign project with great benefits for those who enjoy pancakes.
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One point of pancake is placed on the LINE Shop Card issued to a Friend of Cafe & Books Bibliotheque Official LINE. In addition, those who have newly added “friends” will be delivered without notice-ready to use! One cup of drink present coupon]
is still being presented. Please enjoy the Pancake Festival at a great price.
■ Point grant period: 2019/4/17 (Wed)-2019/6/30 (Sun) 集 め Collect 2 points and receive a
[500 yen OFF coupon that can be used next time]
! プ レ ゼ ン ト If you collect 5 points, you will receive a
[Bibriotheque original pancake dish]
【Overview of held】
・ Fair name: Bibliotheque Spring Pancake Festival ・ Holding date: 2019/4/17 (Wed)-6/30 (Sun) ・ Venue: All cafes & books Bibliotheque

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