We will hold the 20th Anniversary Symposium-Campus Create Co., Ltd. (The University of Electro-Communications TLO). (2019/9/11)

Campus Create Inc. We will hold the 20th Anniversary Symposium-Campus Create Co., Ltd. (The University of Electro-Communications TLO). (2019/9/11) ………………………………………………………………………………………… On September 11, 2019 (Wednesday), the University of Electro-Communications will hold a “20th Anniversary Symposium for Campus Create (Telecommunication University TLO)-Toward Further Development of Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration!”. Please participate by all means.
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【event name】
Campus Create Co., Ltd. (The University of Electro-Communications TLO) 20th Anniversary Symposium -For further development of industry-academia-government collaboration! –
【Overview of held】
Industry-academia-government collaboration has been on a nationwide trend in recent years, but for further development, good practices and know-how from companies, universities, TLOs, etc. have been widely disseminated and domestic and international leading-edge case analysis We believe it is necessary to create a new industry-academia-government collaboration promotion model. In this symposium, many companies, universities, and support organizations have a model of excellent industry-academia-government collaboration by companies and universities in and outside Japan, so that know-how can be utilized in the business, We hope that it will be useful for new collaboration opportunities. In addition, at the information exchange meeting, we will have the opportunity to introduce the university-industry-academia-government collaboration department of various universities and institutions / groups engaged in open innovation in the form of poster sessions. Please join by all means as an opportunity of exchange and network creation.
【Date and time】
September 11 (Wed), 2019 Symposium 13: 00-16: 30 Information Exchange 16: 50-18: 30
University of Electro-Communications Building B 2F Seminar Room 1-5-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu, Tokyo ※ 7 minutes on foot from Keio Chofu Station
【Entry fee】
Symposium Free Information exchange meeting 1,500 yen
【time schedule】
1) 13:00-13:20 Organizer’s Message Kohei Yasuda President and Representative Director, Campus Create Co., Ltd. Co-sponsored Speech Atsushi Fukuda, President, University of Electro-Communications National University Guest greetings Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology industry cooperation, area support section university technology transfer promotion room Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Industrial Technology and Environment Bureau 2) 13: 20-13: 40 Lecture 1 Mr. Masakazu Kimura, Director, Vice President, Shizuoka University / Chairman, Academia-University Cooperative Research Association (Lecture theme) Industry-Academia-Government Collaborative Review Compared to Overseas and Innovation Produced by University-Generated Ventures 3) 13: 40-14:00 Lecture 2 Representative Director, OSTI General Incorporated Association / Nagoya University Future Organization for Future Society Open Innovation Promotion Office Special Professor / Chubu Economic Alliance Association Innovation Committee Executive Producer Otsuru Yasuhisa (Lecture theme) Producing the place and mechanism necessary for creating innovation through industry-academia-government collaboration 4) 14:00-14:20 Lecture 3 National University Corporation Osaka University Co-creation Organization Industry-Academic Co-creation Headquarters Innovation Co-creation Division Senior Research Manager Hiroshi Yamaga (Lecture theme) About open innovation in Osaka University-Joint research course and collaboration laboratory- 5) 14: 20-14: 40 Lecture 4 Yukihiko Kobori, President & CEO, Steinvice Japan Co., Ltd. (Lecture theme) Efforts and success factors of needs-driven industry-academia collaboration model in Germany 14: 40 ~ 15: 00 Break 6) 15: 00-15: 25 Lecture 5 Mr. Yuan-Tora Kai, President, President of Shanghai Tomyk Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. / Visiting Professor, Institute of Health Medicine (Lecture theme) Japan-China-Academia-Government Collaboration in the AI, IoT x Medical, Rehabilitation, and Care (Medical, Health, and Nursing) field 7) 15: 25-15: 50 Lecture 6 Mr. Tatsuya Kudo Group Leader, Search Group, Technology Development Section, MTG Incubation Promotion Office (Lecture theme) Business strategy / New product development and branding strategy by wide area collaboration with various universities starting from disclosure of needs 8) 15: 50-16: 10 Lecture 7 Campus Create Inc. (Lecture theme) Aiming for further promotion of open innovation that aims as a wide area TLO 9) 16: 10-16:30 Lecture 8 Makoto Kiritani, President, Telecommunication University, National University Corporation (Lecture theme) Industry-academia collaboration is necessary-Expectations and misunderstandings-(provisional) 10) 16:50-18:30 Information exchange meeting Industry-academia-government collaboration departments of various universities, as well as food and drink We are always indebted to support organizations and organizations that support open innovation We will introduce companies, freelancers, etc. in the form of poster sessions. Please participate by all means as an opportunity of the cooperation, the exchange creation.
【How to apply】
Please apply from the following website. www.campuscreate.com/twenty_memorial_symposium
【Contact information】
Campus Create Co., Ltd. Open Innovation Promotion Department Sudo, Tomona TEL: 042-490-5734 E-Mail: open-innovation@campuscreate.com Homepage: www.campuscreate.com Organizer: Campus Create Inc. (The University of Electro-Communications TLO) Co-organized by: University of Electro-Communications University Center for Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Sponsorship: General incorporated corporation Megurokai, business cooperation society

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