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  • First exhibition in Osaka! Developmental disorder VR support program “emou”. Special lecture on the theme of reducing management costs of support agencies

First exhibition in Osaka! Developmental disorder VR support program “emou”. Special lecture on the theme of reducing management costs of support agencies

Jolie Good Corporation First exhibition in Osaka! Developmental disorder VR support program “emou”. Special lecture on the theme of reducing management costs of support agencies ………………………………………………………………………………………… Jolie Good Co., Ltd. (Chuo Ward, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kenji Kamiji, hereinafter Jolie Good) is a comprehensive welfare exhibition “Barrier-free” held at Intex Osaka from April 18 (Thursday) to April 20 (Saturday) We will exhibit at 2019 “. The social skills training (hereinafter referred to as SST) VR “emou” for developmental support organizations in the western Japan and Kansai areas will be the first experience exhibition. In addition, in the special lecture, the project leaders who developed “emou” and representatives of support organizations who have actually introduced SST VR will gather and discuss the effects and benefits of the introduction.
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■ Service improvement and differentiation with other facilities by SST VR “emou”. “Emou” is an SST program normally performed by a support organization using texts and worksheets, and you can experience the experience as if you were at school or at work just by putting on the head mounted display. As the number of facilities continues to increase, training of support staff has become a major issue for support agencies, and by using “emou”, a support program supervised by a specialist, even inexperienced staff can easily provide high quality guidance. It can be implemented to reduce training quality differences. User satisfaction has been proven to be highly effective, and it is possible to improve service and differentiate it from other facilities.
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Emo You can practice as many times as you want, and you can feel at ease and fail, and you can learn while having fun.
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▲ Role play can not be reproduced, it is possible to reproduce the atmosphere of daily conversation with friends and teachers at school if it is VR.
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■ Event experience display, lecture information Event Name: Barrier Free 2019 Date and time: April 18th (Thursday) to 20th April (Sat) 2019-20 pm Place: INTEX Osaka (Booth No. 2-319) Fee: Free (Registration at the venue or advance registration via the Internet) “Barrier-free 2019” HP: www.tvoe.co.jp/bmk/ Theme: “The social skills training that VR changes-Management cost reduction case in developmental disability support-” Lecture date and time: Friday, April 19, 2019 12:30-13:30 Lecture place: Intex Osaka second hall first hall Speaker: Jolly Good Executive Officer CCO · CMO Maruyama Azumi Jolie Good Senior Producer, Creative Division, Business Strategy Bureau Yutaka Aoki Kaien Representative Director, Keita Suzuki Price: Free to attend (on the day reception desk) Lecture information: www.tvoe.co.jp/bmk/seminar/bf_workshop/#s2-2-2
■ With developmental disorder Developmental disorders are disorders in which there is an inherent bias in the development of brain functions and a sense of life in social life. According to a statement by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, 481,000 people have been diagnosed with developmental disorders by doctors. It is said that 6.5% (approximately 780,000 people) of the domestic population may possibly be developmental disorders. People with developmental disabilities can develop their ability to adapt to society by receiving appropriate medical care and training.
■ With SST (social skills training) “Social skills” are skills that facilitate interpersonal relationships and collective behavior. Until now, SST has been implemented using worksheets and role play, etc. The students have to imagine various scenes by themselves, and the effects have been limited. In addition, there was no standardized index for support programs, so the skills and training methods for support staff were not established, and the issue was that the quality of training provided varies.
■ With SST VR “emou” (emou) for developmental disability support organization “Emou” is a service for developmental disability support organizations that will be able to immediately provide social skills training (SST) programs by VR to facility users. Acquire social skills and skills to manage interpersonal relationships and collective behavior better for those with developmental disabilities, and put “social skills training” under the supervision of specialists into a VR program. It is a developmental disability support program that enables high-definition VR to fully reproduce various everyday scenes that require social skills, and enables inexperienced support staff to provide high-quality services. emou.jp/
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■ Offer plan emou class (for support organizations and schools) … SST VR class using “emou” can be opened freely at its support facilities and schools. Price: 50,000 yen per month
■ Free trial meeting We hold a trial session where you can experience SST VR using “emou” for school staff with support organizations and special support schools. Date: April 25 (Thursday) 18:00 to 19:00 Location: Jolly Good Co., Ltd. 1-8-11 Nihonbashi Horidomecho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ningyocho Square 3F Click here to apply for a free trial session emou.jp/ (※ A free membership registration is required to apply for a trial session.)
■ About Jolly Good Corporation Jolie Good (jollygood.co.jp/) is a technology company that develops high-precision “professional VR solutions” and an AI engine that analyzes user behavior in VR space. We design advanced technology not only to geeks and enthusiasts, but also to “technology platforms that can be used by local residents and businesses” and provide them to many companies and local governments.

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