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Lawson “Phantasy Star Online 2” Prepaid card game item “Kaige Kun” increase campaign is implemented!

SEGA Games Inc. At Lawson “Phantasy Star Online 2” Prepaid card game item “Kugen kun” increase campaign is carried out! ………………………………………………………………………………… SEGA Games Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SEGA Games”) is aiming for those who purchased pre-paid cards of Online RPG “Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO 2)” currently undergoing service at Lawson stores nationwide, We will carry out the in-game item “Kagayake kun” increment campaign from March 4, 2019. In the campaign to be performed this time, you purchase “PSO 2” prepaid card at the Lawson shop during the specified period, no one will be charged to AC, and the game item in the Lawson limited purchase bonus item “Kugen Kuen” is doubled as usual I will present a quantity. In game item “Kuge Kuun” is a collaboration item with motifs popular with Lawson as a motif. It becomes a boost item that brings various effects such as attack power and rare drop magnification increase when the player uses it in the game. The increase campaign of Lawson limited purchase benefits will be the first attempt for this time. Please participate in this campaign by all means on this occasion which will be the final update of EPISODE 5. “Phantasy Star Online 2” prepaid card In-game item ‘Kugen Kuun’ increment campaign From Monday 4th March 2019 until Sunday 24th Sunday 2019 23:59 Campaign special site pso2.jp/players/campaign/lawson/201903/prepaid/ ★ About the card “PSO 2” prepaid card variable
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Selling price: 2,000 yen ~ 20,000 yen ※ You can specify the amount in 1 yen unit at shop front ※ Some stores are not handled ★ Gift items Lawson limited purchase benefits Kuge kud (boost item) * During the campaign period, 2 gifts will be given every 2,000 AC charge.
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Lawson ‘s fresh sauce.
【10 minutes】
Hitting, shooting, law enforcement +200 PP + 10 Rare drop magnification + 25% About “PSO 2” Basic play free online RPG developed and operated by SEGA Games Inc. It is the latest work of “PSO” series which laid the foundation of online RPG, and it is a successor successor work. In July 2012 we launched the Windows PC version service, and in February 2013 we launched the PlayStation (R) Vita version of the handheld game machine, from April 2016 we also launched the PlayStation (R) 4 version of the home game machine start. And in April 2018, as a cloud game that you can play without downloading large amount of game data with Nintendo Switch (TM), we started “PSO 2 cloud” service, and the player’s domestic registered ID number is 5 million ID We broke through. (As of April 2018) Players will become members of the research team “Arcs” belonging to the interplanetary navy fleet “Oracle” and head for the investigation of various planets. From where you visit, you can always enjoy fascinating adventures with fresh feelings from automatically generated maps, unexpected events, multi-party areas where up to 12 players can play simultaneously. Also, on each planet, cosmic creature, mechanic, cosmic life entity called darker appeared as an enemy. With the necessary action, you can enjoy battle full of exhilaration with simple operation, and actions with high strategy and customizability will develop. And you can create your own alter ego with character creation evolved further. Easy and intuitive operation, everyone can create unique character of Only One in this world.
【Product Summary】
Product Name: Phantasy Star Online 2 Compatible models: PlayStation (R) 4, Windows PC, PlayStation (R) Vita Service period: In service (PC: July 4, 2012, PS Vita: February 28, 2013, PS 4: April 20, 2016) Price: Basic play free (some paid items available) Genre: Online RPG Number of Players: 1 (Up to 12 Cooperative Play) CERO notation: C (over 15 years old) Official Web site: PC: http: // pso 2.jp/ PS Vita: http: // pso 2.jp / vita / PS 4: http: // pso 2.jp / ps 4 / Copyright notice: (C) SEGA Product Name: Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud Supported models: Nintendo Switch (TM), Windows PC Service time: In service (Nintendo Switch: April 4, 2018, PC: December 19, 2018) Price: Basic play free (some paid items available) Genre: Online RPG Number of Players: 1 (Up to 12 Cooperative Play) CERO notation: C (over 15 years old) Official website: pso2.jp/cloud/ Copyright notice: (C) SEGA
【Smartphone version product overview】
Product Name: Phantasy Star Online 2 es Supported models: Android / iOS Service period: In service (Android version: April 7, 2014, iOS version: May 14, 2014) Price: Basic play free (some paid items available) Genre: RPG Copyright notice: (C) SEGA Official website: pso2.jp/es/ Android version DL site: https: //play.google.com/store/apps/details? Id = com.sega.PhantasyStarOnline2es iOS version DL site: itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id847216485
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