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Surprise! 84% of childcare person qualification holders (whether operation or non-operation) answered that “I want to work as a childcare person”!

Asuka Inc. Surprise! 84% of childcare person qualification holders (whether operation or non-operation) answered that “I want to work as a childcare person”! Necessity of environmental maintenance that can work as a childcare worker in any life stage is highlighted. Asuka of general childcare service announces a questionnaire about childcare person. ………………………………………………………………………………………… Asuka Co., Ltd. (Head office: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Yoshino Ogino, Asuka below) providing comprehensive childcare services is targeted at those who have a childcare qualification regardless of whether they are active or inactive. We carried out a questionnaire survey on, and tabulated and announced 268 responses from which valid responses were obtained.
■ Questionnaire survey on childcare personnel: www.g-asuka.co.jp/topics/press0419.html Survey outline: Attitude survey about childcare person Valid answer: 268 people (whether working or not working) who have Asuka registration and have a childcareer qualification Survey period: March 8, 2019 to March 18, 2019 Questions about yourself Q. Please tell me about the children at the bottom / 50% have children younger than junior high school students First of all, when I asked a question about myself, in the question “Please tell me about the bottom child,” 51% of those with “under junior high school students” who are subject to time restrictions have reached work It turned out that. On the other hand, it seems that 22% say that they are college students or more who are less likely to be involved in their hands.
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(1) Age: 20’s 9%, 30’s 24%, 40’s 40%, 50’s 25%, 60s to 2% (2) Married / unmarried: Married 15%, unmarried 85%
Question about work of nursery teacher Q. Are you working now? / About 80% engaged in childcare work, more than 50% except full time
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Next, in the question about work, it was found that 75% answered that “I am working in childcare” regardless of working hours to the question “Do you work now?” . Among them, more than half of all non-full-time nurses are focused on “working time”.
Q. How many days in a week do you ideally work?
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・ Weekly 1: 1% ・ Week 1-2: 5% ・ 2 to 3 weeks: 24% ・ 3 to 4 weeks: 28% ・ Week 4: 18% ・ Week 5: 23% Not working now: 1%
Q. How many hours a day do you ideally work?
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Less than 3 hours: 3% 4 hours: 17% ・ 5 hours: 20% 6 hours: 36% ・ 7 hours or more: 23% Not working now: 1%
Q. How do you think about the work of a nursery teacher? In the question, “How do you think about the work of a childcare worker?”, “People who want to continue the work of a childcare worker” get the most result with 59%. If you include “people who want to work as a nursery teacher now or in the future,” it will reach 84%.
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・ Present nursery teacher, future nursery teacher: 59% ・ Present childcare person, future others: 4% ・ I want to work as a nursery teacher now: 19% ・ We are not right now, but want to work as nursery teacher from now on: 6% ・ I do not know: 11% ・ Others: 1% Q. Please answer up to three things that you emphasize when working as a childcare worker (when you start working)
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First place: Human relations in the workplace are good (155 people) The second place: The vacation because of the school events of children It can be taken (128 people) 3rd: Close to work from home (127 people) 4th: Good salary (92 people) 5th: weekends and holidays are completely closed (79 people) 6th place: Working from few working days (60 people) 7th: Working from a short time per day (56 people) 8th: In an environment where you can make your own ideal day-care Having (52 people) 9th: In the morning or evening time zone, short time, high hourly salary Can work efficiently with (20 people) 10th: Other (4 people) Opinions and requests regarding the way of working Thirties: Returning work is still a long way since children are small, but in a short time it is easier to balance with parenting It is saved. In addition, if there is no restriction such as “every weekday”, it seems that it seems to try hard even if there are blanks think. However, considering the characteristics of the nursery, the human relationship is very important, and it is There are many cases where you work. I think it is easy to work, especially if there is an understanding of the position of “dispatching”. Thirties: Because it is easy to take a rest even at sudden times, such as when the child is in poor physical condition, in fact, I do not know if I do not work, (When I got to work again) I’m anxious. Forties: I want to work while my children go to school, so I am interested in how to work efficiently. Forties: In particular, working in a nursery school tends to require many hours and days, so you can create various forms of employment It is very grateful to have a proposal. Fifties: Human relationships and working conditions are important, but where I think it’s good I’m only looking for full time So … I think it would be a very happy way of working if there is a short-term employment where working conditions and working conditions do not change alone. Summary In the background of the problem of waiting children due to the shortage of childcare facilities and the shortage of childcare workers, which has become a social problem, it became clear in this survey that many people want to work as a childcare worker. On the other hand, it is understood that there are many who are looking for a flexible way of working that can not be bound full-time, such as “short working hours” where it is easy to work together with child care and “it is easy to take a rest because of children’s events” Yes. In order to meet such needs, [Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/43389/3/resize/d43389-3-673154-6.png]

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