Italian jockey Mirko Demuro saw Grazze! Kyoto

Yomiuri TV Broadcasting Corporation Italian jockey Mirko Demuro saw Grazze! Kyoto 20th May 2019 10: 17 24 Friday 20: 54-broadcast. We will visit various places in Kyoto with Demuro jockey for 4 weeks and introduce its charms, and we will also approach Demuro jockey’s cute face. ※ broadcast only in Kansai region ………………………………………………………………………………………… A leading jockey for four consecutive years in Italy, Mirko Demuro jockey who stood at the top young. In 2015, she was the first foreign rider to obtain a JRA full year license, and after moving to Japan, she has achieved 100 consecutive wins for four consecutive years. As well as being a leader in the Japanese horse racing world, Demuro jockey, who has many female fans as a cheerful and bright twink like an Italian, has actually lived in Kyoto for four years. Since information on travel and gourmet is introduced from a foreigner’s point of view, it can also be enjoyed by young women who are not very familiar with horse racing.
[The first: for May 3 (Fri) broadcast]
The first visit is the Kyoto kitchen “Kaki Market”, which has a history of over 400 years. Every day I like Japanese food that eats natto, “I come to the market well. I’m very excited with various foods. There is no place like this in Italy. “Good mood.” The shop where Demuro jockey who walks lightly in the full-fledged Kashiwa market with lots of tourists is dropped by! ? The program official website,, will deliver program special videos after the broadcast is over. Also, episodes that did not fit in this broadcast, It will be published in the media for women “anna”. Please check this too! ! Https ★ Comment of Demuro jockey after recording ★
◆ About Kyoto “I love Kyoto. I don’t want to live anywhere else. It’s hot in summer in Kyoto, but I’m just fine because it’s cold (laughs). I want to see all the shows because there are so many beautiful places. Four times is not enough, because there are many places to eat (laughs) ”
◆ About racetrack “The racetrack in Japan is wonderful. First of all, the scenery of the racetrack is beautiful. There are many lawns and greenery. The racetrack has not only racehorses, but also carriages and ponies, and the air is beautiful. There is anything in the place, there is also a hamburger shop! Also, there are a lot of boys and girls. I’m already uncle (laughs). For a while, UMAJO (Women who love horse racing) has increased. I think it is because women can enjoy a lot. The culture of horse racing is completely different in Italy and Japan. I think Europe still has a strong image that only uncle buys betting tickets, but in Japan not only buying betting tickets but also coming to the racetrack to see horses. There is also a popular jockey, and it’s really a sport.
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Especially the G1 race is exciting, so it’s fun. Come to cheer us! Please! ! ”
[Contents of broadcast schedule]
The first time (May 3 broadcast) Kyoto kitchen with a history of 400 years! “錦 market” Second (May 10 broadcast) Scenic Japanese Venice! “Ishi no Inori” The 3rd (May 17 broadcast) Beautiful view boat trip of approximately 2 hours! “Going down the Hozu River” 4th (May 24 broadcast) Pray to the horse and the god of luck! “Fujimori Shrine” * Please download the photo data from the following URL. There is no password.

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