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Launched April 22 wireless TV speakers that can listen to TV sound at hand

Dear media staff Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd. Launched April 22nd wireless TV speakers that can listen to TV sound at hand ………………………………………………………………………………………… The direct sales site “Sanwa Direct”, operated by Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd. (Head office: 1-10-1, Tamachi, Kita-ku, Okayama City), is a wireless charging system that can be used anywhere and it is difficult to hear We released wireless speaker “400-SP083 series” for TV which can listen to TV sound clearly at hand ear.
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TV Speaker (for wireless TV · Hand speaker · rechargeable · up to 30 m) Model number: 400-SP083BK / 400-SP083W Price: 11,852 (excluding tax) Product page: sanwa.jp/pr/400-SP083 This product is a wireless speaker that you can enjoy the audio output and the television only at hand without raising the volume of the television.
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This is useful for situations where the usual volume used by the family can not hear news, etc., and raising the volume may cause problems around the user. It is also ideal for use in the kitchen and enjoying audio at hand only in an environment where the family can not be disturbed at night.
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Connection distance can transmit voice by wireless up to approximately 30m. As it is wireless type, cable management is unnecessary, and it can be freely carried and installed with a built-in lithium ion battery.
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The transmitter (transmitter) connected to the TV can operate with the power supply from the TV’s USB port with the USB power supply specification. It is also possible to always supply power from the power outlet by using the USB-AC conversion adapter.
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As for the size of this product, the speaker body (receiver) is W162 x D 58 x H 97 mm (excluding the handle) and weighs about 438 g. The transmitter (transmitter part) is about W100 x D 36 x H19 mm and weighs about 32 g. The case is available in black and white in two colors, and the speaker has an easy-to-hold handle.
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