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Let’s fly like a hero, DJI “TELLO IRON MAN EDITION” launched

DJI JAPAN Corporation Let’s fly like a hero, DJI “TELLO IRON MAN EDITION” is released The latest version of the Tello series comes with an iconic Iron Man design, an immersive flight experience, and a flight app featuring F.R.I.D.A.Y. ………………………………………………………………………………………… Droon’s start-up RYZE Tech, together with Marvel and Disney, has announced the TELLO IRON MAN EDITION. Tello’s Tello Iron Man Edition, built on the success of Tello EDU, is a cool look inspired by Iron Man’s Powered suit, featuring a new flight control app featuring Iron Man’s Artificial Intelligence, FRIDAY doing. This product is the latest version of the Tello drone series, with intuitive functionality and stability, compact size, and fun features. Tello Iron Man Edition can be purchased from the DJI Online Store and your authorized DJI distributor.
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Fly the Tello Iron Man Edition with the “TELLO HERO”
app and enjoy an immersive flight experience. Learn basic flight skills through training missions as a new member of the Stark Industries pilot program with the help of Iron Man AI Assistant F.R.I.D.A.Y. F.R.I.D.A.Y. will give voice guidance instructions on each mission and will teach you basic flight, camera operations and how to use intelligent mode while avoiding missiles and tracking suspicious suspects. Ambitious pilots who want a more in-depth experience can also program custom flight paths and maneuvers in a simple and popular coding language such as Scratch, Swift or Python. Users can operate the Tello Iron Man Edition by operating the Tello Hero app / Tello app / Tello EDU app / Swift Playground app on a mobile device or connecting a corresponding third party Bluetooth transmitter. Make your flight fun and secure with DJI technology Tello Iron Man Edition incorporates DJI’s state-of-the-art flight control technology for stable flight and multiple interactive flight modes. The Tello Iron Man Edition uses an HD camera that can capture 5MP photos and 720p videos and transmit them to mobile devices in real time. You can also use “EZ Shot” smart features such as 360 ° videos and circles, and pre-programmed flight modes such as 8D Flip and Throw & Go. In addition, the Tello Iron Man Edition offers safe, responsible flight with a soft propeller, propeller guard, collision detection system and low battery protection. Price and time of sale The latest Avengers series “Avengers / End Game” will be released simultaneously on April 26, 2019. Before the release of the movie, Tello Iron Man Edition will be available on the 19th April 2019 at the DJI Online Store and DJI authorized dealers, and will be shipped out sequentially from April 22nd. The selling price is 16,740 yen. The Tello Iron Man Edition box comes with one Tello Iron Man Edition drone, two spare propellers, one battery, and a USB charging cable. Furthermore, if you want to control Tello Iron Man Edition precisely, please use a compatible GameSir T1d Bluetooth transmitter (sold separately). This product can be purchased from the DJI online store. You can download the product image from here: bit.ly/2TYvESA You can watch the video of Tello Iron Man Edition here: bit.ly/2TlvQaa For more information on Tello Iron Man Edition products, please visit www.ryzerobotics.com/ironman. About Ryze Tech Ryze Tech is a drone startup company that developed the Tello drone series, including Tello, Tello EDU, and Tello Iron Man Edition. Find out more about Tello at www.ryzerobotics.com. Please contact marketing@ryzerobotics.com for more information. About DJI Leading the world in consumer drone and aerial imaging technology, DJI is an expert in flight control technology and image stabilization that is founded and operated by staff who are passionate about realizing remote-controlled multicopters. DJI develops and produces innovative drone and camera technology for professional and amateur users. DJI is working to make aerial photography technology and tools more familiar, easier to use and safer for creators and innovators around the world. Currently based in North America, Europe and Asia, users in over 100 countries worldwide use DJI products in many industries such as film production, construction industry, disaster response and life saving, agriculture, management and maintenance, etc. . www.dji.com/jp | facebook.com/dji.jp | twitter.com/djijapan | youtube.com/DJIJapan | instagram.com/dji_japan | www.linkedin.com/company/dji (C) 2019 DJI JAPAN. The listed companies and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
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