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  • Organic cosmetics excellent for aging care “CALM” started oversea sale on overseas EC platform “ZENMARKETPLACE”

Organic cosmetics excellent for aging care “CALM” started oversea sale on overseas EC platform “ZENMARKETPLACE”

Organic cosmetics excellent for aging care “CALM” started oversea sale on overseas EC platform “ZENMARKETPLACE”
Zen Market Co., Ltd. Organic cosmetics “CALM” excellent in aging care started overseas sales with overseas EC platform “ZENMARKETPLACE” ………………………………………………………………………………… Organic cosmetics “CALM” excellent in aging care, made from selected ingredients with particular attention, started overseas sales with the overseas EC platform “ZENMARKETPLACE” which has sales experience in 135 countries worldwide. We will sell to overseas customers mainly in USA, Russia, Europe. In addition, overseas Youtuber contracted by “ZENMARKETPLACE” is planning to introduce “CALM”.
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“CALM Moisture Serum” is a generous blend of ingredients that approach diversity of skin immunity, including lactic acid bacteria fermented extract “LB16” of its own ingredient, immunity vitamin LPS “RiB”, glyceryl glucoside * 3 from yeast, etc. All ingredients are luxuriously designed as moisturizing ingredients, you can feel a certain response from the beginning. As you carefully polished your skin carefully after slipping, you feel slippery, slippery. It is because ingredients such as Shirogane polysaccharide form a moist film on the surface of the skin. Keep the horny layer filled with moisture firmly and keep on using it will not lose to any stress, Foster a strong supple skin.
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It is “CALM skin care oil” of lightness and comfort that overturns the concept. Starting with scarce cactus oil, macadamia nut oil, olive squalane etc. Several kinds of oils excellent in permeability to the skin and moisturizing power are blended. With a light feeling of use that can not be regarded as oil, It adapts to the skin so that it can be inhaled suddenly. Vitamin E to smooth skin smoothly, phytosterol and linoleic acid to protect the skin, plenty of natural ingredients unique to vegetable oils. Every time I use it, I can feel that my skin becomes soft. As well as finishing care, of course, as a booster, we recommend that you use it immediately after cleansing. Also to moisturize the whole body and hair. Please find a way to suit you.
▼ You can purchase from the URL below zenmarket.jp/s/calmstore ※ “ZENMARKETPLACE” shipping to Japan domestic is not done.
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The Russian Youtuber “THE ANITA DIARIES” contracted with “ZENMARKETPLACE” is planning to introduce “CALM” products. What is “CALM”?
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Distributor: BAGELS Co., Ltd. Officer responsible: Naotoshi Tange Address: 2-3-16 Imabashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture 541-0042 MID Imamichi Building 1F TEL: 06-7175-1565 info@calm-organics.jp URL: www.calm-organics.jp What is “ZENMARKETPLACE”?
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EC platform for foreign countries with shipping experience in 135 countries worldwide. 8 languages ​​correspondence, delivery to domestic, initial cost · monthly cost etc. are not charged at all. Only after receiving the order and after delivery to our domestic warehouse, we receive 10% of the item price. Multilingual shops for overseas can be opened at no-risk. We will do all the troublesome parts such as interaction with customers overseas at our company. Languages ​​supported: English, Russian, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified / TZ body) Corresponding currency: US dollar, Russian ruble, euro, Chinese yuan, others, total 16 currencies Dispatch correspondence country: Dispatch record of 135 countries in the world The store registration page will be below. zenmarket.jp/marketplace/default.aspx
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Company name: Zen Market Co., Ltd. Sales person: Nishiwaki Phone: 080-8049-4710 E-mail address: nishiwaki.s@zenmarket.jp

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