AI (Artificial Intelligence) type tablet teaching material “Qubena (Cubina)” school corporation Chiba Meitoku Gakuen introduced at Chiba Akitoku High School

compass AI (artificial intelligence) type tablet teaching material “Qubena (cubina)” school corporation Chiba Meitoku Gakuen introduced in Chiba Meitoku High School ~ Visualization of the actual learning situation of students by utilization in class exercises, home learning, and tests, and work reduction of teachers ~ ………………………………………………………………………………………… COMPASS Inc. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; CEO Motono Kano) offers the artificial intelligence tablet material “Qubena (cubina)” provided by the Chiba Corporation Maitoku Gakuen Chiba Maito Senior High School (Location: Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, We have been adopted as a part of the instruction of the school principal Shigeru Sonobe), and we report that it started using from April 2019.
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At Chiba Myotoku High School, we have hired Qubena for the purpose of establishing basic academic ability and improving academic ability through individually optimized learning (adaptive learning) and reforming the way of working of teachers. In our school, teachers prepared individual support for students’ variation in academic ability, and prepared four classes, which were set up according to their course and their proficiency level.・ It was a great burden on the teachers that they needed to create questions, test, print, grade etc., but the introduction of Qubena will solve these problems.
◆ Targets: Chiba Akinori Senior High School First and Second Grade All about 750 students
◆ Example of use at school ・ After teaching introductory instruction by a teacher in math class, use Qubena as practice materials for establishing basics. Use Qubena’s “workbook” feature to carry out home study task delivery and morning study time quizzes. ・ Use Qubena of high school mathematics in the four classes of “Middle and High integrated course”, “Special advance course”, “Study course” and “Athlete course” and all classes of math. Also, some classes use Qubena for junior high school students according to their level of proficiency. All students and faculty members will have an iPad when new students in the 2019 fiscal year have one iPad at Chiba Myotoku Junior High School and High School. The school has been using iPad as the core of class reform since its introduction, but until now it has been the pillar-led use of teachers to improve classes to an active learning type by using ICT. However, with the introduction of Qubena this time, learning will have an “individual” perspective, enabling us to realize individualized learning according to the learning level of learning. With Qubena, it became possible to advance math learning efficiently. I think that learning has reached an “individual” age, at the same time it is time to redefine the meaning of learning in a group of classes. We hope that this Qubena introduction will secure both the efficiency of individual learning and deep learning as a group. <About Chiba Akinori High SchoolA middle and high school integrated school run by the school corporation Chiba Meitoku Gakuen. With the educational philosophy of nurturing “acting Tetsuto” who can lead the times, we aim to be a “new progressive school” that fosters the ability to flap from the world perspective. We are focusing on acquiring skills required to cope with future social changes, and we have introduced one “iPad” to each student since April 2017 to actively use it in classes Working on
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Overwhelming learning efficiency is realized by adaptive learning by AI Qubena equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a learning partner that fosters children’s ability to survive the future with overwhelming learning effects. By analyzing the operation log, calculation process, and response data during learning of each student, the point causing the stumble is identified, and the student is automatically guided to the problem to be solved, effectively and efficiently Realize a good learning. In the study group run by the company, the learning range for one grade of junior high school math is completed in average on 28 hours. It corresponds to elementary school arithmetic, junior high school mathematics, high school mathematics IAIIB, and high school mathematics is jointly developed with Kawai. The new function “workbook” specialized in “group teaching” allows students to create a workbook as a workbook by freely customizing the questioning range, the level of difficulty of the question, the question to be asked, and the questioning order from the tens of thousands of questions installed in Qubena. By distributing to, it became possible to use it in various learning scenes such as quizzes and homework as well as lesson exercises. In fiscal 2018, it was adopted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “Future Classroom” demonstration project, and was also awarded the Japan e-Learning Grand Prize, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award, and the Good Design Award. <About COMPASS Inc.We have developed an AI (Artificial Intelligence) -type tablet material "Qubena" and an online tutoring service "Qubena Wiz (Cubina Wiz)" with 23,000 users. In April 2019, we released AI type 4 skills teaching materials jointly developed with Kawai. In addition, it is an engine that is the basis of "Qubena", and provides artificial intelligence engine "COMPASS ENGINE (compass engine)" specialized in education that can be applied to all learning materials. In 2045, artificial intelligence surpasses the human brain, and “singularity (technical singularity)” comes, and it is said that most existing occupations change their names and shapes. COMPASS's slogan from the time of its founding, “Let's meet the future of you,” works as an educational philosophy to think about the future in which children live and to cultivate the power to survive the future. Location: 3-6-21 Nishi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Sumitomo Real Estate West Gotanda Building 1F Representative name: CEO Motoki Kano (Jin no Genki)

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